School Charges Kids $5 to Meet Santa, Upset Mom Pays For Her Daughter's Entire Class

Kelly Corbett - Author

Dec. 22 2023, Published 5:13 p.m. ET

As stated in the movie Klaus, "A true selfless act sparks another." That's what seemed to happen in this school. One mom took to TikTok to explain that her daughter's school was charging each student $5 to take a picture with Santa.

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After her daughter forgot the money, she showed up at the school to drop it off and realized that if she hadn't shown up with it, her daughter wouldn't be the only one who would miss out on Santa, as lots of families couldn't afford it. That said, she decided to open up her heart and her wallet so her daughter's class could all meet Santa together. Her good deed then inspired a chain reaction throughout the school.

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Mom pays for her daughter's entire class to see Santa after school decides to charge students.

Mom Maddison DeContreras took to TIkTok to discuss what she thought was an unfair policy at her daughter's school.

"My third grader is doing a fundraiser for school today where the kids get to take pictures with Santa and it's $5 for each kid," Maddison explains while filming from her car.

But when her daughter forgot her money, she figured she'd just swing by to drop it off. But it got to her thinking.

"We live in an underprivileged area and I started thinking about all the kids who maybe didn't even ask their parents for money," Maddison said.

That said, she decided to call her daughter's teacher, where she learned that a lot of her daughter's classmates were initially excited for Santa to come, but their excitement waned after they learned they had to ask their parents for money.

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"We're trying to save money now, but I just decided that Eleanor's whole class should get to meet Santa, so I just pulled out a bunch of cash and took it to the school," Maddison said into the camera, tearing up.

She explained that she remembered what it was like to be a kid too afraid to ask their parents for money because times are tough.

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"I wanted them to feel the magic of Christmas even if it was just $5 — and that's what Christmas is all about," Madison said as she ended her video. "I just want everyone to know if you can pay it forward you should."

In the comment section, viewers were moved by Maddison's good deed.

"This proves my belief that Moms are the true magic of Christmas and you darlin made magic for some less fortunate," wrote one user in the comment section of Maddison's parents.

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Meanwhile, others were stunned that a school would charge kids for this. "Who charges to meet Santa? In my area I’ve never seen a business or school charge to take photos with Santa," read one comment.

Another said: "I just can’t believe a school would do this, they know kids won’t be able to do it, so cruel at Xmas time. You’re making such a difference!"

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And a former teacher even entered the convo, revealing that she had been in Maddison's shoes plenty of times. "I’m a retired teacher. The PTA was run by the wealthier parents. They did fundraisers like this for lots of things. I’d just pay for all my students."

tiktok comment school charges for santa
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In a follow-up video, Maddison gave viewers an update on the situation.

She explained that when her daughter got home from school that day, she learned that it wasn't just her class that got to take a picture with Santa; it was the whole school. What seemingly happened was that after Maddison's kind contribution, other teachers or faculty members felt inspired to pitch in so all of the students could meet Santa.

Maddison also shared a goal she had made for herself. "I am going to work hard to make sure that this event does not take place again unless it is free for all kids," she says.

In the comment section, users were delighted to hear that Maddison's generosity inspired others with the means to pitch in. Here's to hoping that Santa pictures will be for all students next year.

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