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Customer Leaves Negative Restaurant Review Because Server Wore a 'Don't Be Racist' Shirt



A customer recently left a negative review on the Facebook page of The Chowder House, in Fairbanks, Alaska, because one of the restaurant's servers was wearing a shirt that said, "Hi. Don't be racist. Thanks." That server, who goes by @bryantinak on Twitter, posted the review and a selfie while wearing the t-shirt, and it went totally viral.

"Someone complained about me wearing my favorite shirt today on our Facebook page, now I can't wear it at work anymore :.(," the post reads. In the review, the customer, Jason Lassiter, writes, "As a customer I'd prefer not to have your employees' ideologies plastered on his t-shirt... This isn't a professional shirt for work and will be the last time I visit your establishment."

Since Jason Lassiter posted his review from his personal Facebook page, he quickly started getting "roasted" on Facebook for his review. According to @bryantinak, "So many people direct messaged the guy that he deleted his bad review."

Many laughed at the fact that he called the t-shirt "unprofessional" when it literally "thanks" you for reading it. "That's actually an extremely professional shirt," one Twitter user wrote. "How much more professional can you get?"

Source: Twitter

There was an initial misunderstanding, too, which @bryantinak cleared up in a follow-up tweet: "Talked to my bosses. They were upset at the customer for making an absurd complaint. 

"I misunderstood the upset (we were in the middle of a rush) as being directed at me. They have no problem with me wearing the shirt and actually urge me to continue to if I wish to do so." How great is that? 

Since @bryantinak's viral thread, the Facebook page for The Chowder House has been flooded with positive reviews. "Great place," one person wrote. "Lets its employees be decent human beings." 

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"Came for the anti-racism, stayed for the chowder," another wrote. "I am so glad I had the chance to come here on my brief trip to Fairbanks. I had delicious racism-free salmon chowder and I'll certainly be back next time I visit."

@Bryantinak explains that they bought the shirt from an Etsy shop but that it seems like "some fast fashion Etsy bulls--t." Instead, they suggested getting a shirt from a Black-owned business and linked to a bunch of activist apparel fundraisers and companies with Black owners. 

Those who believe "don't be racist" is a controversial and "unprofessional" statement really need to examine why they think that, and I think it's safe to say that Jason Lassiter has been forced to consider why he had such a negative reaction to such an innocuous statement. 

As for @bryantinak, we're glad they work in a place that understands the importance of the message on that t-shirt and supports their employees in the fight for equality.

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