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Source: Instagram

Meet the Most Unexpected Guest Star to Ever Appear on 'South Park': Winnie the Pooh


The character to arouse the most suspicion on the Oct. 3 episode of South Park? Winnie the Pooh

Cast as the honey-addict outlaw whose life took a wrong turn after he got blacklisted by the Chinese government, Pooh's role in "Band in China" involves scavenging for his beloved substance, a perpetual fight with public scrutiny, and [SPOILER] a murder scene. 

Season 23 of South Park is in no shortage of baffling plot twists, but it was the bear who left fans in a state of shock.

Creator Matthew Stone and Trey Park packed this seasons' episodes with some exceptional references. Nonetheless, there's one thing we can't help shake off thinking about after watching "Band in China." Is Winnie the Pooh illegal in China for real – or is that just another, brilliantly twisted idea the writers came up with?