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Source: Disney

20 Disney Channel Original Movies We Hope to See on Disney Plus


Disney's streaming service, Disney+, is on its way, and we are excited. Sure, yes, there are going to be a bunch of new shows and movies, but what we grown adults who grew up in the '90s and 2000s really want to use Disney+ for is to rewatch the classic Disney Channel Original Movies of our youth. With that in mind, I ranked the top 20 Disney Channel movies of all time. If every DCOM isn't available on Disney+, a lot of millennials are going to be sorely disappointed.

A few caveats here: First, I'm not including sequels on this list. For movies that became franchises, assume the sequels are lumped in. Second, I did not include movies that are technically Disney Channel Premiere Movies, like Wish Upon a Star, Susie Q, or The Paper Brigade (even though I love them). I also did not include Disney TV movies that didn't premiere on the Disney Channel, like the eternal classic Life Size. I'm sticking to official DCOMs. Third, this is my personal top 20 list, but I want to stress that I also believe it is universally correct. So there. Without further ado, the best 20 Disney Channel Original Movies of all time, ranked from best to least-best.