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Source: disney

15 Disney Channel Super Stars and What They're Up to Now


If you were one of the cool kids growing up, then your parents rocked a TV subscription service that included the Disney Channel, which automatically put a bevy of special programming that your basic and non-cable friends didn't have access to.

They didn't know about that Suite Life. They couldn't relate to the perils that Hannah Montana and Lizzie McGuire endured, nor could they ever understand the tumultuous relationship between Ren and Louis in Even Stevens.

When you grow up with a TV show, you grow up with its stars, which can be a bit of a surreal experience. Actors receive a certain amount of worship in our society, and we tend to distance ourselves from them and not perceive them as humans. So seeing them age and appear differently in real life than the characters we watched on screen is a bit of a trip.

Which is exactly what seeing these then and now photos of popular Disney Channel stars is like seeing today.

1. Jake Thomas

Source: nbc today screengrab

The "little brother" from Lizzie McGuire looks like he can tell you all about the benefits of blonde roast over dark and why he'll never ride a bike that isn't a fixed gear.

He got a degree in screenwriting and has a pretty great career as a photographer. A lot of his clients include former co-stars.