Spencer and Morgan Broke up, and TikTok Is Not Doing OK

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Apr. 18 2023, Published 11:47 a.m. ET

When a TikTok influencer debuts their special someone to their followers, it’s hard for the fans not to get invested. The partner often becomes just as recognizable as the influencer, and many couples even make their relationship their official brand. TikTokers Spencer Barbosa and Morgan Penwell had separate accounts throughout their relationship. However, the couple’s popularity grew exceptionally once they shared more content with them.

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Unfortunately, it looks like the TikTok couple has parted ways and the fans who watched them as a couple are not taking it well. Here’s everything we know about Spencer and Morgan’s breakup.

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Spencer confirmed her and Morgan’s breakup on TikTok.

Throughout 2023, Spencer and Morgan’s relationship seemed to shift online. While they still sporadically posted videos of each other on Spencer’s account, their last video together was published on her page in February 2023. The gap in posting Morgan was the first clue that something was awry with the couple.

In April 2023, Spencer shared why Morgan had been missing from her popular TikTok account. During her 1:37 video, Spencer captioned, “We broke up,” on top of the video before confirming that she and Morgan ended their relationship “a few weeks ago,” and that she was taking time to cope with the split on her own.

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“I wanted to tell you guys as soon as it happened,” Morgan told her followers in the video. “But I knew for me to heal, but I knew for me to heal, without other people's comments.”

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Spencer added she was trying to “be happy” and “move on” with her life as a single woman. “I always preach to you guys that you deserve to put Yourself first,” Spencer said. “That you deserve to put Yourself first. And you deserve happiness. And you deserve the world. And the same goes for me. I had to follow my advice.”

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Morgan Penwell and fans supported Spencer on TikTok following her split.

Spencer didn’t say what exactly led to her and Morgan’s breakup, but she said it was a “mutual” decision, though she was the one who broke up with him first. She also said Morgan was her “first love” and an “amazing, amazing man.”

Spencer continued proving her loyalty to Morgan by stating she would “block” anyone with something negative to say about her ex before getting emotional about the breakup.

Morgan also showed TikTok that he didn’t harbor ill will toward Spencer. The creative director commented on Spencer’s video, stating it was “all love😌❤” between them, and Spencer replied with a “❤,” so it appears that the exes are still trying to remain on good terms.

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And while many fans understood their decision to break up, the news was hard for many who watched their relationship flourish on the app.

“When the video started, I thought you would say Jk. So sorry, Spencer,” one fan wrote.

“Watching her cry made me cry😭I love this girl so much,” another shared.

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Since the breakup news, Spencer added another video of her reflecting on her and Morgan’s split. In the video, Spencer seemingly fights back the tears as she mouths the lyrics to Billie Eilish’s “TV.” The song has verses that read, “I’ll be in denial for at least a little while; what about the plans we made?” Spencer captioned the TikTok, “This song hits a little too good rn❤.”

The TikToker received support from her fans after the video, though some followers couldn’t help but point out that Spencer was the one who ended things with Morgan.

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