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Here's a Ranking of the Most Caffeinated Drinks You Can Get at Starbucks


Between working a full time job, going to the gym, cooking for myself, and maintaining healthy, positive relationships, "adulting" can get incredibly exhausting. So, it's safe to say that drinking strong coffee is vital, in order to get everything done while simultaneously maintaining a small dose of mental sanity.

That being said, I've done us all a favor by ranking Starbucks' most caffeinated drinks. So prepare for the ultimate rush to conquer that daunting daily to-do list.

These are Starbucks most caffeinated drinks:

1. Venti Double Shot on Ice

Source: Starbucks Newsroom

Alright y'all, we're coming in hot (er, iced), with the first drink on the list, which is the Venti Double Shot on Ice. According to Business Insider, the Venti-sized beverage contains not one — not three — but a whopping five espresso shots, which brings a full 375 milligrams of caffeine to the table. 

That's right — it's abrasive, and it's undeniably delicious (I mean really, ice, espresso, and milk? What more could you ask for). If it's really just one of those days, this is what you need.