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Students Under 15 Years Old in France Now Banned from Using Their Phones in School

By Mustafa Gatollari

French students who are overly fond of their cell phones will had a rude awakening in store for them once they returned from their summer vacations this past school year.

I can openly admit that there are certain applications I've had to remove from my phone for periods of time because I found myself, throughout the day, mindlessly opening them and just scrolling for the heck of it.

At one point, it was such a subconscious reaction that every minute or so I'd just grab at my pants pocket, take out my phone, and not realize why I was doing it. Before the birth of my first kid, I started leaving my phone in the center console of my car or in another room when I was at home.

It wasn't until I did that and a couple of days of reaching into my pocket that I realized how bad it had gotten.

Now, when I'm in a waiting room at the doctor's office or sometimes even just riding public transportation, I keep my cell phone out of my hand. I don't browse social media needlessly (un-installing apps for a while has helped re-train that knee jerk reflex). It's not just done wonders for my eyesight and neck, but for my phone's battery life as well.

So I believe  that the French government is on to something when they decided to make good on Emmanuel Macron's campaign pledge.