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These Students Were So Funny Their Teachers Had To Give Them Extra Credit



Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the most desperate time of the year for college students is finals week. Don't believe us? Just ask these students who summed up the horror of finals week in 140-character tweets that are a combination of caffeine overload and complete panic — or these students who not only have to worry about studying, but doing so while fasting during Ramadan.  As one student wrote, "I've already cried 5 times in the past 14 hours and I haven't even had to say goodbye to anyone yet." 

Whatever the case, during finals week, if something can go wrong it will. Because waiting until the last minute to write that 10-page research paper is always a good idea, right? 

Someone who knows that all too well is Twitter user @ColinChambers44, who shared a hilarious screenshot of what he's been reduced to, just a few hours before his research paper was due and the "M" key mysteriously crapped out on his computer keyboard:

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And yes, there is an M in May:

He's working on it, but it's hard to explain the problem:

Though some people have presented him with some workarounds:

Workarounds are important, because you will be driven to desperate measures, like begging for extra credit:

And yes, people do email everyone in class with their pleas all the time, so double check that reply button:

Because your teachers are over it:

No matter how outlandish your excuses:

No matter how high you were:

Your only chance is luck. Catch them in the right mood with the right meme.

It's not about your mood:

And some teachers do respect the workaround:

Sometimes they'll even give you the cheatsheet:

Thanks, teach! But seriously, about that extra credit...

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