19 Tax Day Memes That'll Almost Make You Forget the Pains of Tax Season



Despite wishing it into oblivion and attempting to ignore it away, Tax Day is still happening, and it's just around the corner. April 15th will decide the fate of many hard-working Americans who will either receive a generous return for overpaying the government — and decide which of the many incredible ways to spend it — or instead owe a bunch of money to the dreaded Uncle Sam. 

And whether you're laughing or crying at your taxes this year, there's no better way to cope with the end of tax season (or anything, really) than with some relatable memes. Send these to your friends, coworkers, or boss (why not, they'll probably owe more in taxes than you) so everyone can commiserate and laugh together in an incessant cycle of schadenfreude. Fun, don't you think?

Oh, but before you start scrolling, what if I told you that Tax Day wasn't all doom and gloom? In fact, many restaurant chains are giving out free food on that day, so grab all of your friends and family and head over to see which of your local spots are doling out freebies to the American people in the spirit of Tax Day. How patriotic of them!

OK, now back to the memes.

1. The only time of the year we wish we had dependents. Does my gerbil count?

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2. Even when you've been diligent about tracking your expenses throughout the year, something new always comes up in April.

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3. Tax seasons is kind of like the great equalizer, in ways.

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4. But when you get a return in the mail, it can feel like the hysteria paid off.

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5. If you're an accountant, we can't even imagine what you're going through.

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6. Well, now that you put it that way, it no longer sounds like free money :(

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7. We all have that friend who's going to post their massive haul come April 16th.

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8. But because you're so good at adulting, you're going to make your refund work for you.

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9. Oof, the government doesn't take out taxes? That seems grossly unfair.

Source: Twitter

10. Honestly, if you have a family, you might want to take a page out of Homer's book.

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11. See, this is the friend I was talking about. But maybe it's you. In which case, let us know where you copped that cheetah.

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12. If this isn't every single freelancer in America...

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13. Hello everyone, lunch is on me today.

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14. TFW you're suddenly regretting taking the whole office out to lunch.

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15. Once again, paging freelancers everywhere. Except it's more like, 'What's the damage this time around?'

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16. Despite aging a few years in a month, we'd say you've done an excellent job in making it through to the end.

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17. People who don't make annual laundry lists of the things they'll buy with their returns just can't relate.

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18. Why put yourself through another conference call when you know your bank account is POPPING?!

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19. Put this one in your pipe and smoke it...

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Don't forget to do your taxes before April 15! Because we all know filing for an extension just means you're going to hate yourself when they're actually due, so just get in on the annoyance right now with the rest of us.

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