Waiter Claims Party Expected $1,100 Meal Comped Because They're Public School Teachers

A group of teachers expected their $1,100 meal to be comped because of their jobs. A server shared the ridiculous story in a viral video.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Aug. 4 2023, Published 12:50 p.m. ET

Folks who work as servers in the food industry have it tough. They often have to deal with rude customers, subpar work conditions, and absurd hours while their wages are low, and the money they receive in tips is entirely dependent on how opinionated each individual customer is on tipping culture in general.

Teachers have it just as hard. They're responsible for educating and taking care of enormous groups of other people's kids for nine months out of the year for notoriously low pay.

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But what happens when these two professions collide in a restaurant setting? You might be surprised to know that this particular group of teachers comes out in a very bad light.

A restaurant server who runs @chocolatemilkbros on TikTok shared an especially confounding story about how a group of teachers expected their $1,100 meal to be comped for seemingly no reason. Here's what he and the internet have to say about these teachers' inexplicable assumptions.

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A restaurant server vents about teachers who expected their $1,100 meal to be comped.

On TikTok, @chocolatemilkbros shares plenty of horror stories that he's had while working in the food service industry. From poor management, gross-out food tales, and nasty customers, he's practically seen it all and then some.

However, his June 15, 2023, TikTok represents one of his most baffling restaurant interactions ever with a group of teachers who tried to get free food. The video has more than 1.3 million views as of this writing, with many viewers utterly confused at the teachers' behavior.

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According to OP, a group of seven walked into his restaurant. Between them, they somehow rang up a $1,100 bill. When he asked the teachers if they wanted to split the bill or pay it as one, they told him "whatever's easiest for you."

Not exactly an answer, but the server complied nonetheless. He even offered to split the one bill evenly between everyone's cards.

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Unfortunately, the teachers had something completely different in mind. One of the teachers had the audacity to slide the bill back to him and apparently said, "We're public school teachers, so you guys can handle this."

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"That doesn't make your bill our responsibility," OP replied at the time. One of the teachers ultimately decided to put it on her card. The server then brought the receipt for her to sign. She even left a $100 tip for the server.

In a completely dumbfounding move, however, she ripped the receipt in half and proclaimed "Good luck getting [your tip] now." The server politely informed her that ripping a receipt in half does not void it. He presumably took that $1,200 bill in stride.

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We don't even know where to begin with these teachers. After all, who knows where they could have possibly gotten the idea that teachers can comp an $1,100 meal or that ripping a receipt in half does anything at all.

According to OP, teachers trying to get comped meals is a common occurrence at the start of the summer. However, this latest incident has become his "new favorite attempt."

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Folks in the comments are equally flabbergasted by the teachers' actions. Many who claim to be public school teachers have never heard of any sort of deal that teachers get at restaurants, especially for more than $1,000 spent.

OP even claims that the district overall is "horrendous," with the highest-rated school in the area coming in at 2.5 stars.

All we can say is we feel sorry for the students who have to take their education from teachers who think ripping a receipt in half has any effect on paying for it.

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