Teenager Scares Siblings With Creepy Porcelain Dolls, Parent Takes Action

A parent shared online that her teenager scares siblings with creepy porcelain dolls and she decided to take action. Did she handle it right?

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Jun. 27 2023, Published 11:16 a.m. ET

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They say that kids do the darndest things, but teenagers may be giving them a run for their money!

Unfortunately, some teenagers love to laugh at their sibling's expense — from telling them scary stories to keep them up at night to simply giving their young siblings wet willies. And while some of these acts are all in good fun, sometimes they can cross the line.

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One parent on Reddit shared that they had to take appropriate action after realizing that her teen scares siblings with creepy porcelain dolls. Here’s the full scoop on the situation.

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A Reddit user shared that their teenager scares siblings with creepy porcelain dolls and she decided to put them in storage.

Sometimes, kids truly have no chill. On Reddit’s popular “Am I The A-------” (AITA) forum, a user shared that they had no choice but to put their teen's beloved porcelain dolls into storage after she continues to scare her younger siblings.

The parent shared that the 14-year-old daughter has a collection of rather creepy porcelain dolls. Although the parent doesn’t get the allure of the dolls, they doesn’t mind that the daughter has them.

However, the parent has two younger children, ages 9 and 12, that aren't too fond of the dolls. So, as a way to keep her teen happy, they had a compromise.

“She is told to keep them in her room mostly and not leave them in the common areas,” they explained.

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Unfortunately, the problem is that school is out due to the summer and the kids are home. As a result, the teen enjoys leaving the dolls around the house and scaring her younger siblings.

“When we were on a date night she showed them Annabelle so now the two younger ones are even more scared of dolls,” the parent shared. “She is moving them around the house, hiding them in areas and more.”

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Although the parent has tried grounding the teen for not following the rules, she’s persistent in her pursuit of scaring her younger siblings. In fact, the teen even placed a doll in the youngest child’s sports bag and scared the bejeebers out of the child.

“She saw it and started crying. I got her to calm down and she didn’t do practice today,” the parent said.

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As a result, the parent decided to take action by putting the dolls away in the family storage unit. Of course, the teen was upset and cried, but the mom felt as if her hands were tied.

Reddit users believe that the parent handled the situation perfectly.

Most folks understand that kids will be kids, but the teenager was out of line for disobeying her parents' rules with the porcelain dolls. The consensus is that the mom acted appropriately by taking the dolls and that her teen may actually be the a-------- for bullying the younger children.

“NTA. They can come back when she is less a--------,” one person shared.

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“NTA. This is a natural consequence. She has not stopped using her hobby to scare her siblings, so she loses it for a while. I don’t see how this is different from a time-out,” another user replied.

Other users also praised the parent for exercising good parenting.

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“NTA. She's consciously traumatizing her siblings and getting a kick out of it. This is good parenting," one person chimed in. "From what you wrote you took the steps required, had the talks, grounded them, and when they didn't change their behavior took appropriate action. This is a lesson in consequences, and she's at an age where if you allow her to get away with this kind of behavior, then she's going to keep doing it and potentially become a spoiled and entitled kid who will end up back here on Reddit in the /entitled threads."

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Truth be told, children are known to test the limits. They like to see what they can do sometimes to test the limits and see if they will get a reaction.

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The fact that the parent decided to explain the issue to the teen on multiple occasions before taking action means the teen had multiple chances to correct the behavior. So, the punishment is suitable for the crime.

The teenager will be just fine and has learned a valuable lesson.

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