"The Case Is Still Open," Says 'The Truth About Jim' Director Skye Borgman Regarding Season 2 (EXCLUSIVE)

"It was never lost on me how sacred it is when someone decides that they'll tell you what happened to them," said Sierra Barter.

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Feb. 15 2024, Published 9:33 a.m. ET

'The Truth About Jim'
Source: Warner Media

'The Truth About Jim'

Over the years, Jim Mordecai threatened his family in a myriad of ways. When his second wife told him she wanted a divorce, Mordecai flipped over their dining room table. He would later tell her if she tried to take their daughters, he would "slit their throats."

His third wife was spared some of the violence but still lived in fear to the point where she kept a gun by her bed. Her own daughter Shannon was a student of Mordecai's at the high school where he taught. Harassing her was a regular occurrence for him.

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The generational trauma Mordecai caused was the impetus behind Sierra Barter's drive to find out who he really was, beyond being a grandfather she barely knew. The Truth About Jim takes us on her journey where she learns it can always be worse. It also leaves us with more than a few questions. Distractify spoke with director Skye Borgman and Barter about the experience of dragging this into the light, as well as the possibility of a Season 2.

Skye Borgman and Sierra Barter
Source: Getty Images; Warner Media (video still)

(L-R): Skye Borgman and Sierra Barter

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'The Truth About Jim' definitely needs a Season 2.

Director Skye Borgman, who brilliantly told the story of another manipulative man in Abducted in Plain Sight, can't tell us much about a second season of The Truth About Jim. Unfortunately we are left with a cliffhanger at the end of the four-part docuseries, that demands answers. "The case is still open," she said. "They [police] are interviewing people. They are looking at all the different possibilities."

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After Barter got a clearer picture of who Mordecai was, it occurred to her that his violence might have crossed a line. She was able to connect things he said and did to a string of murders in the Santa Rosa area in the early 1970s. Like Mordecai's victims, three of the seven women killed were sexually assaulted.

Two of them were hogtied, which is something Mordecai referred to on numerous occasions. He often threatened to do this to women when they made him angry. Barter brought her findings to the police. Now we wait.

'The Truth About Jim' is also a story about the strength of women.

While it's easy to focus on the horrific physical and emotional torture Mordecai inflicted upon people, the docuseries also highlights how women hold each other up. Barter is also a sexual assault survivor, though not by Mordecai, so she was particularly thankful and humbled by the women who chose to share their experiences with her.

"It was never lost on me how sacred it really is when someone decides that they'll tell you what happened to them," she said.

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Barter likened being a survivor to joining a really "messed up club." Going through this bonds people in a way others can't possibly understand. You see it in the series as Barter embraces every woman she meets, whether they are family or a victim of Mordecai's she is encountering for the first time.

Judy Mordecai, Sierra Barter, and Shannon Barter
Source: Warner Media

Sierra Barter (C) with her grandmother Judy (L) and her mother Shannon (R)

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When asked if this was something she wanted to focus on, director Skye Borgman said "there's this sort of bravery of these women who feel strongly that they want to shatter this club. They're gonna speak publicly about it they're going to do whatever they can to try to change the world."

She wanted to take a club that often has shame associated with it and rip that curtain right off its rod.

For Barter, she was tired of the fact that Mordecai had written so much of her family's history. When he died in August 2008, everyone felt much safer but that was just the beginning.

If he was still alive, this might not be possible but Barter said she wouldn't have anything to say to him. She's of the mind that Mordecai "took enough air from them."

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