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Source: amazon

'The Widow': What Is Kate Beckinsale's New Show About?

By Mustafa Gatollari

Hollywood stars getting their own TV series on streaming platforms is nothing new, and Kate Beckinsale's got her own show now courtesy on Amazon Prime called The Widow.

Fans of Kate will know her for the Underworld series of films where she's battling werewolves and vampires. Really big fans will remember her from TipToes, a film where Matthew McConaughey comes from a family of dwarves and she leaves him for Gary Oldman.

Sadly, The Widow isn't a continuation of that little-known film where she deals with the aftermath of losing Oldman (why would it be?) and although she's not toting a gun and shooting at fantasy beasts in the show, she does, ultimately, play an absolute badass in the series.

What is The Widow about?

In the show Kate plays Georgia Wells, a widow (as the name implies) who's still mourning the death of her husband who perished in an airplane explosion that occurred over the Congo. She's living a miserable, hermit-like existence in Wales until she sees what she believes to be her husband's orange baseball cap on the news.