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Source: Instagram/Distractify

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Split – and Fans Have Some Crazy Conspiracy Theories

By Anna Quintana

The internet had some crazy conspiracy theories about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's whirlwind relationship — like it was all just one big performance-art piece or that Pete used a love potion to get Ariana to say yes to his proposal.

So, it's no surprise that when TMZ announced that the couple had called off their engagement after five months of dating, the internet would come together to figure out exactly why the "No More Tears" singer and Pete broke up. Now, according to sources, the relationship "was way too much too soon," but "it's not shocking to anyone." Ariana did cancel a performance scheduled for this past weekend — another sign that the couple really did call it quits despite the fact that neither Ariana nor the SNL star has confirmed the news. 

But is that really why Ariana and Pete called it quits? The internet has other theories...