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Source: Instagram

Ariana Grande Accidentally Starts a Twitter Feud With Her Doppelgänger Gabi DeMartino

By Anna Quintana

When YouTuber Gabi DeMartino released her latest video, she did not expect to start beef with her inspiration, Ariana Grande — but she did. Titled "I Lived Like Ariana Grande for a Day," the popular video shows Gabi channeling her inner Ariana, but it seems the "God Is a Woman" singer was not impressed with her doppelgänger's impersonation. 

Unsurprisingly, Gabi took the news hard. 

"Still support her, still love her, but definitely hurt. Gonna go try and enjoy my vacay... peace," she tweeted. "I mean all she saw was that weird Harry Potter scene from the vid but now the whole fandom (which I'm a part of) is tearing me apart. My heart is being ripped out, this isn’t fair." She went on to claim she was going to quit due to the negative criticism. 

However, Ariana quickly reassured Gabi that she was joking and loved her video. "I was just being funny I knew they’d laugh at that, my bad babe," Ariana wrote. "It’s all love here, u know that. Ayo but next time can u wear more neutral tones and not do the cat laugh. jk." Gabi thanked her idol for "clearing the air," which prompted Ariana to respond, "OMG no air to clear we all think we’re comedians. have a good day qt."