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Source: Getty Images

These Celebrities Are Factually the Same Age, Though We All Beg to Differ


Celebrities are all gorgeous no matter how old they are — just look at Jennifer Lawrence (27) or Catherine Zeta-Jones (48). There are some celebrities that you'd swear are one age, but are in fact another — like when the internet learned Cardi B and Ariana Grande were the same age and the whole world was shocked into total disbelief.

Of course, looks can be deceiving — and Hollywood (despite its world-renowned cosmetic surgeons and cryogenic spas) is no exception to that saving. Here are some celebrities we cannot believe were born in the same year.

Some look great for their age, and others... Well, we can't all be so #blessed.

1. Ariana Grande, Cardi B, and Miley Cyrus are all 25.

Source: Getty Images

It's shocking to learn that Ariana Grande (pronounced "Grand-ee") and Cardi B are the same age, but pile Miley Cyrus onto that equation and our minds are officially blown. 

While Cardi B recently welcomed a baby into her life, most of us still associate Ariana and Miley with their Disney and Nickelodeon shows, despite the fact that they've made names for themselves in music since leaving their child-acting days behind. 

But the three stars were born in the early '90s and all recently celebrated their milestone quarter-century birthdays.