Plus-Size Clothing Brand Torrid and TikToker That Other Hannah Are at Odds

After TikToker That Other Hannah criticized plus-size clothing brand Torrid on the platform, other creators have also voiced their distaste for the company.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Nov. 4 2021, Updated 12:35 p.m. ET

These days, one misstep by a brand can easily become a trending topic on social media. From a Washington, D.C. Popeyes location rat scandal to Kylie Jenner’s ill-fitting swimsuits, social media users take pride in sharing their grievances online. And as of late, this practice has become a thing on TikTok. In particular, there's drama between TikTok creator That Other Hannah and plus-size clothing brand, Torrid.

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Folks familiar with That Other Hannah are likely aware that she’s one of the biggest plus-size fashion personalities on TikTok. So, when she decided to share her experience with plus-size brand Torrid’s new collection, the TikTok world and beyond listened. However, it has caused a bit of drama. Here’s everything we know.

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TikToker That Other Hannah has openly criticized Torrid's new collection, and other creators have followed suit.

On Sept. 28, 2021, Hannah posted a video on TikTok that provided followers with her take on Torrid’s new collection. The plus-size influencer with nearly 270,000 followers discussed her disappointment with the brand’s choice of design, materials, and pricing.

In case you’ve been MIA, many influencers have been vocal about how difficult it is to find quality clothing in extended sizes. And since Torrid has established itself as a go-to spot for plus-size clothing, the masses expect to find top-quality clothing at decent prices.

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Unfortunately, that’s not the case with the current collection. Hannah made it a point to include snapshots of specific pieces in the video to back up her claims. Many followers in Hannah’s comment section also shared their distaste for the new line.

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“I’m saying! We are desperate for them to listen to us,” one user commented.

“Plus fashion is horrific. I’m sick of seeing my smaller friends in chic fashionable clothing, and I’m left with paper bags and 3-year-old jeans,” another user commented.

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As Hannah continued to share her opinions online about the Torrid collection, things immediately took a turn. Hannah shared a TikTok that not only shows the company addressing her claims but also explains how the brand disabled comments under their videos and posts on all their platforms.

Hannah took to Instagram to share that an unknown individual then attempted to get her fired from her job after her Torrid live stream and other related videos started to gain traction online. The anonymous person told her workplace she “bullied someone with cancer” and is using her “social media to dox and harass individuals.” As a result, Hannah explained that she’ll be taking a break from social media.

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That Other Hannah supporters have virtually dragged Torrid online for their actions.

After Hannah’s plight with Torrid made its rounds online, her supporters quickly criticized the brand. While it's unclear whether the brand itself had anything to do with the person who tried to get Hannah fired, many seem to think the brand was behind it, and they have called out the company.

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Since the backlash they received, Torrid has released a statement via Instagram that explains the brand is “not tolerating bullying of any kind” and that they “are always listening and believe that customers make them better.”

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Unfortunately, their statement in light of the controversy with Hannah has not won over the plus-size community. Various creators and followers alike called them out for ignoring the wants and needs of the community.

“Y’all have always treated the plus community like a joke, myself and so many others included. You take our money and disrespect us. Do better or stop,” plus-size influencer and model Tess Holiday commented.

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There are many brands that have been able to bounce back from being called out online — from Gucci to H&M — but there’s no telling if Torrid will be given the same grace.

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