This 'Urban Dictionary' Names Trend Might Change What You Think of Your Name

One of the latest trends to take Instagram by storm is the 'Urban Dictionary' name trend. So, what exactly is it and how do you participate?

Chris Barilla - Author

Nov. 23 2021, Published 12:49 p.m. ET

Urban Dictionary
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If you use Instagram, you're likely familiar with the fact that the app has been making a lot of notable strides forward as of late. Whether it be the addition of reels, shopping, hiding likes, or other new features, the entire experience using the platform has shifted majorly.

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One new feature that has been added to Instagram stories is the ability to repost a "sticker" with a certain question, the most famous of which has quickly become the Urban Dictionary names trend. So, what exactly is it, how does it work, and how do you participate in it? Keep reading for all of the details.

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What is the 'Urban Dictionary' names trend on Instagram?

Urban Dictionary has excelled for years as the premier online destination for alternative definitions to words. Whether it be names, phrases, local slang, or any other type of spoken word that you wouldn't typically find in Webster's Dictionary, Urban Dictionary is home to it.

The new trend that has emerged on Instagram has seen millions of users going on a journey of self-discovery, sharing with their followers how Urban Dictionary defines their first name.

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At its core, that's exactly what the trend is: sharing the platform's definition for your name with followers on your Instagram story. The entire gag behind it is that the definitions of each name are entirely written by random people online and are based wholly on that individual's perception of people with that name. So the results range from hyper-congratulatory to straight-up derogatory.

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How can you find your own name and take part in the 'Urban Dictionary' names trend?

It's super straightforward and easy to take part in the Urban Dictionary names trend on Instagram. Unlike other big internet trends, this doesn't involve a bucket of ice or copious amounts of cinnamon. All you need are internet access and an Instagram account.

The next time you see a friend post their name from Urban Dictionary on their story, click the story sticker that will likely be visible somewhere on the screen. Clicking on the story sticker will allow you to do two things: see everyone else who has participated in the trend and take part in it yourself.

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Alternately, you go to the profile @Salih_____Mhmd, check their "Story Stickers" highlight, and find the sticker there. Then, you can tap on "Add Yours" and add your screenshot.

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To take part in it yourself, all you'll need to do is navigate to, search your first name, screenshot the definition, and post the results from your camera roll. Don't worry if you aren't a fan of the first definition that comes up for your name (as some are quite unflattering), just keep scrolling until you find one of the (likely) hundreds of other submissions below it.

Taking part in the trend is really as simple as that! Posting the definition to your story adds your name to the list of millions who have already shared their own and allows followers of yours to click the sticker from your story and participate themselves, just like you did. Good luck, and happy posting!

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