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Source: summit trail middle school

These 3 Boys Bought Valentine's Flowers for Every Girl at Their School


Three young boys just became local legends at Summit Trail Middle School this past Valentine's Day.

I don't know about you, but I've probably had a lot more disappointing V-Days in my life than I've had good ones. Admittedly, it's probably more my fault than anyone else's, but it's hard to not feel a sense of animosity towards the holiday after all these years.

The commercialization of love or at least the pursuit of it really trivializes something that matters so much to nearly each and every human being on the planet. Wars have been waged because of it, people have ruined their lives and the lives of others for a shot at attaining it, and countless songs, movies, heck, even expeditions to new uncharted territories were all a direct reaction to love.

But it's hard to stay a wisened curmudgeon and write off Valentine's Day completely when you've got people who actually use the holiday as an excuse to do something beautiful for a ton of people.

And Tristan Valentine (no joke), Kyan Rice, and Lincoln Holmes are the kind of kids who make me believe in holiday magic all over again.