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Valentines Day Memes and Cards to Make Your Date LOL



Valentine's Day can be a bit of a loaded holiday, whether you're happily coupled up, happily single, or less-than-thrilled about your relationship status. But hey, it's just a cash grab invented by the greeting card companies and Russell Stover to help move some product, right? No need to let it get you down.

To help you get through February 14 with a smile on your face, here is a collection of the best Valentine's Day memes and cards for those of us who maybe aren't feeling the whole hearts and flowers thing.

1. Way to find a silver lining.

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You never know, this could be the start of your romantic comedy meet-cute, so be bold and wear a pocket square.

2. This one's for the smug marrieds

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An unwritten law of the internet is that if there are people to complain about a thing, there is an equal and opposite faction ready to complain about the complainers. This meme should resonate with all you happily coupled folks who think "Happy Singles Awareness Day" is just blatant Valentine's Day appropriation.

3. A valentine for my real true love.

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Who needs true love when we have Jose Cuervo? If you have enough tequila, who knows, you may just find yourself a valentine for the night at the bar! 

4. And my other true love.

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Yes, Patrick Star. Be honest, you've never felt a love with another human that feels as pure as falling in love with your latest binge-watch.

5. People in LTRs will feel this one...

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Girl, if you want to put on sexy lingerie for your significant other, I salute you. My married-five-years-ass, on the other hand, will be kicking it like I do every other weeknight: in my jammies on the couch by 8 p.m. 

6. It's the perfect scheme.

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This one totally checks out, but check to make sure your copay for an ER visit doesn't exceed what you'd spend on an Urban Stems delivery for yourself.

7. OMG, I'm, like, so surprised!


I don't have any data to back this up, but I'm convinced half of the women posting their flowers and gifts on February 14 sent themselves those gifts for the 'gram.

8. Ah, the inevitable 'Bird Box' valentines.

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It was a foregone conclusion that Bird Box would make its way into this year's joke Valentine's Day cards. 

Brings new meaning to the phrase, "Hey, Girl."

9. Speaking of late 2018 memes....

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Willingness to pair up with someone who's still using wired headphones? Now that's true love.

10. Sounds like a solid itinerary.

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That was a real ride. I recommend sticking to 1-4, eating one dinner, and then ending the evening with my aforementioned true love, tequila.

11. This one really soured my on Valentine's Day...

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Hey, if this one resonates a little too much for you, take heart — most of the happy couples in your feed probably have a looming expiration date, too.

12. Where's the lie?

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Not pictured here but also available: "sup," "sorry, got really busy," and "u up?"

13. This person is my hero.

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If you haven't exposed yourself to the secret joy of dining alone, why not try it this Valentine's Day? Learn to enjoy your own company over a delicious bowl of pho for one.

14. Tell your boo they're a 'National Treasure.'

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I definitely recommend sending this one over a Wicker Man Valentine.

15. I feel you, buddy.

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Nothing bums you out more than thinking somebody sent yo a snap only to see it's just the Snap bot reminding you you're forever alone.

16. But maybe being alone is best?

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After all, as anyone who's ever watched an episode of 20/20 can attest, the murderer is always the boyfriend/husband.

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