Woman Finds Water Stuck in Her Dryer Vent — the Internet Weighs in on the Many Issues

A woman finds an excess amount of water stuck in her dryer vent. Professionals weigh in on TikTok to explain everything wrong with this scenario.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Aug. 22 2023, Updated 6:30 p.m. ET

Whether you're a homeowner or just really tuned into how the utilities in your home work, it can be stressful when you find out that there's something wrong with one of your basic necessities. You would hope that everything runs like clockwork and you don't have to call for any egregious repairs or renovations, but when something in your house calls for immediate concern, it's understandable that you might feel overwhelmed with what has to get gone to keep your home running neatly.

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Barring any natural disasters or major accidents, keeping maintenance on your essential home operations is crucial, especially when you immediately notice something wrong. Just ask Katie Harris on TikTok (@katieharris_0). When she tried to fix something with her dryer vent, she was met with one of the grossest streams of water you might ever see coming out of her house. Here's the full story and what some professionals in the comments had to say about her house problem.

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This woman found water in her dryer vent and was completely grossed out.

Katie shared her initial TikTok on the conundrum in mid-August 2023. At one point, she worried that her dryer might be broken, which would be a headache for anyone trying to get their laundry done. However, her neighbor reportedly convinced her that she just needed to "blow out [her] dryer vent."

Sure enough, she slid out her dryer and took a leaf blower to push out any debris that might have been trapped inside through the pipe and out onto her yard. As she tells it in her own video, "you won't believe what comes out."

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As she had the leaf blower blast into the vent, a blackened stream of water came gushing out from the outside end. After the initial shock settled in, she blew into the vent one more time. Sure enough, more of the stuff came out.

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Needless to say, she was pretty grossed out by what she saw. Folks on Tiktok were also quick to try and break down the situation to determine how exactly that much water ended up in there.

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In summation, most commenters are in agreement that the vent itself is messed up somehow. But accounts differ wildly between folks who have presented their own theories in the comments section of her follow-ups.

Some people suggested that there was a break in the pipe that was allowing water and mud to seep inside and cause buildup.

Others theorized it might have been caused by undue condensation within the pipe.

"I've seen it before," one person claimed. "[The] washer doesn't spin enough moisture out of clothes and the extra humidity from the drier pools in a low spot in the pipe."

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What's more, some people even say that the pipe itself was incorrectly installed. Commenters have suggested that the dryer vent was not made with the proper materials, leading to its faulty functionality.

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"Definitely incorrect vent material," one person wrote. "We would flag that on inspection."

Another person echoed the sentiment, asking, "How did this pass inspection?"

We can only hope that Katie is able to get this dryer vent issue fixed, but she's undoubtedly gained a higher knowledge on the inner workings of dryer vents thanks to her TikTok posts.

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