"I'm So Uncomfortable Right Now" — New Homeowner Says Her Neighbor Created a Hole in Their Fence

"I don't know if I have anxiety or I'm just going crazy, but I feel like this is really weird," the woman captioned her video.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Apr. 2 2024, Updated 4:35 p.m. ET

When you move into a new house in the suburbs, chances are you may have to deal with new neighbors at a certain point. Whether you simply want to be friendly with them or just exchange polite pleasantries with them while speaking with them as little as possible, the least you could possibly hope for is that your interactions with each other are civil and uneventful. In one of the worst examples, you may be stricken with nosy neighbors.

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We're all at least aware of the nosy neighbor trope, wherein the person we're living next to makes unsolicited observations of whatever you're doing. They can be irritating and we can only hope that our neighbors don't behave that way in real life.

Unfortunately, TikTok user Kelsey Ray (@kelseyraywilson) may be contending with just that. In fact, she believes that her neighbor may have cleared out a hole in the fence, granting him clear visibility into her backyard. Let's break it down.

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This woman believes that a neighbor put a hole in their fence.

Kelsey shared her disturbing findings on TikTok on July 23, 2023. According to her, she and her family had just moved into the house at the time, but she was already uncomfortable with what she found.

She shared footage of what she believes to be a hole in her fence that she believes was created by her neighbor. Kelsey even posted further video proof that the hole wasn't there before.

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"I don't know if I have anxiety or I'm just going crazy, but I feel like this is really weird," Kelsey wrote in her caption.

Unfortunately, the oddities don't stop there. As Kelsey remembered it, the neighbor already made use of the hole.

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She recalled that one day while she was taking care of her children in the bathroom and one of them has throwing a short tantrum, the neighbor started yelling at them through the hole.

"Is that not weird that he created a whole entire hole?" Kelsey asked of her followers. "I don't even know what I could put there to block him. But I'm so uncomfortable right now."

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In a quick update, Kelsey discovered that the fence itself belongs to the neighbor. In another view, she reported that she even saw him out in his yard fixing his fence.

Kelsey also revealed her plans to put up "command strips" as part of her effort to block him from using the hole to peer into her backyard.

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Other folks seemed to share Kelsey's sentiments in the comments. Many suggested that she put up curtains around the hole for privacy. Another person even theorized that the neighbor was friends with the previous owners and put the hole there to chat with them, though that wouldn't explain why the hole wasn't there in one of Kelsey's previous videos.

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As of this writing, Kelsey hasn't provided any new updates on her fence situation. Hopefully, she's able to keep things private behind her property line to avoid any unwanted onlookers.

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