"The Judge Is Going To Love This" — Creepy Neighbor Records Family in Their Own Yard

A neighbor records a family in their own yard after years of harassment. Read on to find out how the fed-up family is turning the tables on him.

Melissa Willets - Author

Jul. 21 2023, Published 12:09 p.m. ET

A TikTok creator who shares content as @chanciemae has been dealing with years of harassment at the hands of her "creepy" neighbor. Now, after the not-so-neighborly resident started recording the family, the creator has turned the tables on him.

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You won't believe what the creator, her husband, and their two small children have been through. Read on for the full story, but be warned: Your blood may boil!

The family has been relentlessly harassed by this increasingly "creepy" neighbor.

"We are tired of it!" the creator explains in her first post. She then goes on to detail some of the unthinkable things the neighbor has done to try to get under their skin, culminating in being recorded without permission.

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According to the creator, the neighbor has told them they can't put up a fence, walked through their backyard en route to another house, and even threw "poop on our porch," as well as "spraying poison on our lawn," and "calling the cops on us for having our car parked out in front of our house."

The creator went on to assert that the beyond nasty neighbor has called them — and their little kids — names, and threatened them, and now, is recording them — in their own yard!

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He's "telling us he’ll be out there every day recording us," she says. "And then making that comment about me and how he was going to 'have fun with me.' No. Just no."

"The harassment has been going on for over two years," she said, and also noted, "We’ve kept record of everything."

She finishes her post by exclaiming, "No one should feel unsafe in their own home!"

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The good news is that according to the creator, "We called the cops and got a temporary no contact order served to him the next day."

The even better news is that they have a court date in place to try and win a permanent no contact order.

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After the first TikTok went viral, the creator provided an update on the insufferable neighbor.

The creator soon came back to address some of the comments to the first share, but first, shared a clip of the neighbor at it again, standing on a ladder recording the family!

The undeniably spine chilling video was shared along with the caption, "Saying he's going to be there recording us all summer. The judge is going to love this."

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From there, the creator went on to respond to the comments to her documenting the harassment. Many commenters called her husband weak for not going over and punching the "creepy neighbor" in the jaw, but the mom of two wasn't having any of that.

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"He wants to. He really wants to," the creator assured her followers. "It's not a weak thing to not let your anger consume you," she then asserted. She also explained that their daughter was there. And besides, what would have happened had her husband gotten physical with the neighbor?

"He would have gone to jail, which is exactly what the neighbor wants," she noted. She added that her husband understandably doesn't want to leave his wife alone with two small children.

She then addressed another comment wondering why the family doesn't just put a fence up, and explained they can't afford it right now.

Ultimately, the family is taking the neighbor to court on July 24, 2023, seeking a permanent no contact order. Here's hoping they win the order, and that they can enjoy their life without the jerk next door leering at them.

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