Bestie Neighbors Install "Bar" Between Fences Outside Their Homes

In a viral post, neighbors who are besties install a "bestie bar" fence between their homes, and folks are amazed by the creativity.

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Jul. 17 2023, Published 3:45 p.m. ET

In the world of social media, it’s common for folks to air out their grievances with their neighbors — from drunk neighbors letting off fireworks late at night to folks having contention over yard space.

With that in mind, social media users usually find themselves surprised when they see neighbors actually come together for a good cause or to simply be neighborly. It’s one thing to be friendly and a whole other thing to be best friends.

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One TikTok user has gone viral after neighbors install a bestie bar between their fences in their backyards. And of course, folks are eating it up. Here’s the full scoop.

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A TikTok user shows neighbors installing a "bestie bar" between their fences.

From neighbors to besties! In a July 4, 2023 TikTok video, creator Jodes @thejodes_ shared that he and his neighbor decided to take their bromance to the next level by installing a "bestie bar" fence between their two backyards.

“Bar fence > regular fence,” the creator captioned the video.

As the video begins, you see one man using a screwdriver on a wood fence and another man holding a large stick of wood.

The text reads, “When you’re besties with your neighbor and sharing a fence isn’t enough.”

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The video continues with the two men outlining the steps taken to build their dream bar fence.

“Step 1: Cut fence in half,” the text reads as a man uses a cutting tool on the fence and the other holds up a large piece of wood horizontally.

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One of the men is then seen holding the piece of wood in place as the text reads, “Step 2: Reinforce the fence.”

The men then use a hammer on the fence as the text reads, “Step 3: Detach the fence from the post.”

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The man then uses a power tool to add hinges in the next step. After the slab of wood is securely in place, the men admire their work and a man lets down the cut portion of the wooden fence.

As you can see, the cut portion of the wooden fence lays down to create a makeshift bar fence. The creator’s bestie is on his side of the fence and proceeds to drill in a chain on both ends to connect the bar fence to the uncut wooden fence so it can easily be pulled up when it’s not in use.

As the men gently shake the bar to make sure it’s secure, the frame switches to the men enjoying a can of beer together.

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TikTok users are inspired by the neighbor besties' bar fence project.

Who knew making a bar fence with your neighbor would touch so many? TikTok users love the idea that the neighbors came up with and have even shared that they ant to do the same.

“I need a dad relationship like this one day,” one user commented.

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“There were like seven seasons of Home Improvement, not sure how this never happened,” another user shared.

“Super cool! Now all you need are some bar stools,” one person shared.

Since the pair have no qualms about working on home improvement projects together, it’s quite possible that this is just the beginning of their creativity.

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