Wedding Planner Hangs Dress From a Ceiling Sprinkler — Common Sense Ain't so Common!

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Aug. 30 2023, Published 12:53 p.m. ET

A woman holding a wedding dress that's on a hanger
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The last thing anyone would expect to occur on their wedding day, aka one of the most important days of their life, is destruction. From months, sometimes years of planning every detail down to your father-daughter dance, brides and grooms are looking forward to enjoying their nuptials and creating a fabulous memory.

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That said, it’s almost impossible for planned events to go off without a hitch, so it’s expected for something to go left — either small or big. However, the last thing anyone would expect to be an issue is a wedding dress. Well, here we are.

In a Twitter post, one woman shared that a wedding planner decided to hang the dress from a sprinkler and destruction was the only result. Here’s the full scoop.

A wedding dress hanging from a chandelier
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A wedding planner hangs a dress from a sprinkler and causes mayhem in an Twitter thread.

Baby, common sense ain’t so common. In an Aug. 28, 2023 Twitter thread, user 1oak (@ASHtrology) shared that a wedding planner did the unthinkable with a wedding dress and the result was not too pretty.

In the first tweet, the user shared that the wedding planner decided to hang the wedding dress from a sprinkler in a hotel room. Unfortunately, the dumb decision caused rapid destruction and ruined the bride’s dress, hair and makeup for the bridal party, and her wife’s makeup and equipment that’s worth $3000. She also clarified that it wasn’t her wedding, her wife was the makeup artist hired for the event.

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In the second tweet, the user shared that the wedding still went on with the bride having to wear her reception dress to the ceremony. Although the bride wanted to reschedule the wedding, she couldn't do so since her family was from out of town.

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Even worse, the bride’s name is listed on the hotel room so she is now responsible for the damages. So the only option will be for the bride to sue the wedding planner for her asinine decision. SMH.

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Twitter users agree that the wedding planner should have to pay for the damages.

It’s amazing how one dumb decision can cause so much destruction. After Twitter users got wind of 1oak’s story about her wife’s equipment and makeup being ruined along with the wedding dress, folks agree that the wedding planner will very well have to open up her purse.

Not to mention, the photos and videos shared show how severe the damage to the materials and hotel room — from ceiling damage to ruined makeup products.

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That said, folks wasted no time ripping the wedding planner a new one, especially since most hotels have signs that say you shouldn't hang anything from the sprinklers. On the flip side, other folks shared that if the sign was not present in the room, they may be able to fight having to pay for the room damages. However, the wedding planner will still be responsible for paying for the wedding dress and the makeup materials and equipment.

SMH. We must do better, people! Thee is no reason to hang a dress on a sprinkler without thinking that the sprinkler can't possibly break and cause a flood.

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