TikTok User Amigo Chino Says He's on the Run, but It's a Weird Prank

TikTok user Amigo Chino has been claiming in TikTok videos that he's on the run, which naturally led many people to wonder what he did.


Nov. 16 2023, Published 10:10 a.m. ET

The Gist:

  • TikTok user Amigo Chino is claiming that he's on the run after crashing a car into an Orange Theory Fitness building outside of Boston.
  • The story appears to be false, but Amigo Chino is claiming that he took off his ankle bracelet and is now trying to get from Boston to California.
  • False or not, many TikTok users are riveted by this elaborate prank.
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Chasing clout is a full-time job, and now, some people are even doing it while they claim to be on the run from the law. Amigo Chino, a popular user on TikTok, is claiming that he is hiding out from law enforcement after he was put on house arrest. Given his claims, many on TikTok wanted to know whether what he's saying is true, and what he might have done to wind up being chased.

All of this is connected to a car that crashed into an Orange Theory fitness center in Boston in October 2023. Here's everything we know about what Amigo Chino is claiming, and whether any of it is true.

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What did Amigo Chino on TikTok do?

Amigo Chino has claimed that he's responsible for a driverless car that crashed into an Orange Theory Fitness building in Boston after the gym was closed. Only one person sustained minor injuries in the accident. Amigo claims that he put a brick on his boss's gas pedal in order to force the car into the building after he was fired on the first day of his new job.

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In a video on his TikTok page, Amigo backs up his claims by showing a headline that says “Mass TikTokkker ‘amigo chino’ arrested Wednesday morning on the count of destruction of a Orange Theory Fitness building.” The headline is supposedly from NBC's Boston affiliate, but there is no story with that headline on the site. What's more, there are no reports at all to corroborate the story that he is telling about why he's on the run.

Amigo has claimed that he was arrested following the incident and is now out on bail. He was under house arrest, according to his story, and even showed off the ankle bracelet the was wearing as proof. In a follow-up video, Amigo appears to take the bracelet off, saying that he isn't interested in complying with the law. Then, he posted a series of videos in which he claimed that he was trying to get from Boston to California.

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The whole thing is some weird prank.

There is no evidence to suggest that Amigo's story is true. In fact, the owner of the Orange Theory Fitness building took responsibility for the accident. He confirmed that the accident took place after he turned his car's remote start on while he was walking to the car.

For whatever reason, Amigo Chino decided to take advantage of that story to weave one of his own.

While the story isn't true, it has hooked plenty of viewers, who now want to see what twists and turns it takes next.

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