People Are Tracking Aura Points on TikTok — Latest Trend Online

Aura is a way to track exactly how much coolness you're walking around with.


Jun. 6 2024, Published 10:36 a.m. ET

The language of TikTok is always changing and evolving, and those changes bring with them constant confusion from those on TikTok who are just trying to keep up. Recently, TikTok users have begun tracking something called their aura, and have even suggested that there's some sort of point total associated with the metric.

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If you've found yourself confused by the constant references to a person's aura, then you aren't alone. We've got you covered with everything you need to know about what auras mean on TikTok, and why they're suddenly everywhere.

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What does aura mean on TikTok?

A person's aura refers generally to something close to their "cool points." Basically, if their aura counter is high, it means they have a lot of swagger, and if their aura points take a hit, it's because something fairly uncool has happened to them. The trend suggests that there are a whole variety of activities that gain and lose you aura points, and they're probably the kinds of things you'd expect.

If someone holds the door open for you, you gain some aura points. If, on the other hand, you think there's an extra step on the stairs that isn't there, or you try to shake hands with someone who is going in for a fist bump, you lose points. These are the kinds of social situations that many people are already familiar with. All that's different now is that TikTok has created a point system to quantify exactly how cool or uncool something is.

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As is the case with most things on TikTok, the points themselves aren't really the point. Instead, the point is to come up with things that might gain or lose you points. There's no one system here that has a 10,000-point maximum, for example. It's all relative, and the trend is really about identifying the various cool or awkward things that happen to a person in daily interactions.

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Don't take the aura thing too seriously.

Typically, users will track their aura points during an entire day, but once again, the actual numbers shouldn't be taken all that seriously. Instead, it's just a fun way to keep track of all the ways you make yourself look either cool or like a fool during a day. If you're clumsy, you're probably going to end up in the negatives, but that isn't the only way to lose points.

Basically, auras are exactly what you might expect them to be. They aren't as mystical as the definition of that term usually is, but they nonetheless involve something that you can't directly see, but that you carry around with you all day.

If you feel like participating, it's as simple as paying closer attention to how much swagger or foolishness you engage in during a given day, and getting it down on video. If you feel like things won't go your way, maybe find another TikTok trend to participate in.

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