Is ChatGPT Down? Numerous Users Report "Error in Moderation" Message

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Feb. 15 2024, Published 5:09 p.m. ET

What Does Error in Moderation Mean in ChatGPT
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If you were one of the many ChatGPT users who attempted to access the application recently, you may've been met with some bogus messages that rained on your parade, like "Error in Moderation."

But what does that notice mean?

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What does "Error in Moderation" mean in ChatGPT?

This message reportedly has to do with "conversation safety," according to Times Now, as the application will assess the prompt request to see if it could potentially contain any "offensive or inappropriate" content — but it's currently unable to properly do so because of a network outage that is displaying this message.

Normally, the app's "offend-o-meter" would usually sound off as a direct result of the way ChatGPT users phrase their questions; however, this isn't the case right now as there are tons of users who've recently tried using the application online with their very tame and in no way derogatory or vulgarly worded prompts/queries.

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What Does Error in Moderation Mean in ChatGPT
Source: Getty Images

ChatGPT Mobile Application

The message they're greeted with? "Error in moderation."

According to Down Detector, the application's been giving tons of users trouble between the dates of Feb. 14–15 — OpenAi's website and app account for 15 percent and 6 percent of the reported problems respectively, while 82 percent of all the issues are linked directly to ChatGPT.

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Users in the comments section who responded to DownDetector's findings had a variety of different responses to the news of ChatGPT's error messages to so many hopeful artificial intelligence manipulators.

One person wrote that even though the web browser version of the application was giving them problems, when they used a native app, they didn't encounter any issues: "Website is giving me the same blank screen, but the app worked just great."

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Someone else quipped: "how will i get my school work done"

also reported on the "massive outage" that forced ChatGPT users to go without the artificial intelligence software for around 90 minutes, give or take.

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According to OpenAi's own website, there were reports of an "elevated error rate impacting ChatGPT (including logins)."

The website said that at around 10:20 a.m. PST on Feb. 14, they were actively investigating the issue.

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In a span of just 18 minutes, OpenAi changed its "investigating" status of the issue officially to "monitoring."

Then, by 12:40 PST, the problem was set to "Resolved."

There were other errors that occurred at the same date and time as well, and it appears they were all addressed and fixed in the same span of time.

"Elevated error rate impacting API services (including Assistants and Fine-tuning)" was another problem users said they were dealing with, along with the following:

  • Elevated errors on GPT-4V for ChatGPT and API

Similar errors purportedly occurred earlier in the day as well.

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