What Does "STA" Mean on TikTok? There Are Multiple Meanings

Kori Williams - Author

May 18 2021, Published 5:46 p.m. ET

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It feels like every single day there's a new trend that is born on TikTok. It's like the app has developed its own culture, and sometimes you may not be aware of what something means. Another trend on the app is "STA," but what does it mean? 

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It turns out that "STA" has more than one meaning. People can use it as a hashtag or a comment on someone's post, and it can be interpreted in a bunch of different ways. After all, TikTok is full of creative people, so there are always new ways that people have found to make their content original. 

What does "STA" mean on TikTok? It's got two meanings.

For one, "STA" means "Second Time Around" on TikTok. The platform has a ton of info on it, and sometimes all the info doesn't make sense at first. So "STA" in this sense literally means that you're watching something twice or understanding it the second time around. Some people also use it when they're doing challenges and don't get it right the first time. 

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StarbucksDrinskWithM on TikTok
Source: TikTok

Some places say that "STA" also stands for "Sent to All." This isn't just for TiktTok but other apps like Snapchat where people can send content to tons of people at once. If they like content enough and they send it off, they'll do so and leave the hashtag or comment "STA." 

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"Second Time Around" is also a TikTok audio.

"Second Time Around" is also an audio on TikTok, though it's only used on less than 100 posts so far. It's from the song "Second Time Around" by Quinn XCII. The song talks about asking for another chance after making a mistake. It gives off a vibe of talking about asking someone or yourself for forgiveness. 

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The audio has been used for all kinds of situations on TikTok. One Starbucks barista used it to show off flipping some full drinks. Another person used it to celebrate a milestone in their transgender journey. In this milestone one, it looks like the second time around would be representative of a second chance at life to be happy in a body that more closely matches what this person wants to look like.   

In fact, most of the TikToks using this audio deal with some pretty heavy topics. There are posts about mental illness and people having come out the other side of some serious struggles, and even exactly what the lyrics say. Some posts are all about asking God for another chance at life so they have the opportunity to do things differently.  

The somber sound of the song and the lyrics can make it easy to talk about these kinds of serious topics. But people have been using it for all kinds of things including uplifting posts. And since the song directly mentions God, others are using it to encourage people to hold on to faith and be positive examples for others in their lives. 

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