Everyone Is Saying "Type Shi" All the Time, but What Does It Mean?

“Type shi” is one of those phrases that can really mean anything. But it might not be of use to elder TikTokers.

Jamie Lerner - Author

May 2 2024, Published 2:28 p.m. ET

Every day, TikTok introduces us to a new turn of phrase. And every day, millennials feel older and older thanks to the new and incomprehensible slang. One such phrase is “type shi,” which has been used all over social media over the past few years.

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As older TikTokers (i.e., millennials) figure out what Gen Z and Gen Alpha are trying to say, we can’t help but wonder what phrases like “type shi” mean. It seems like people use the phrase all the time in many different ways, which makes it that much more confusing. But at the end of the day, it’s one of Gen Z’s simpler slang terms that actually has roots in Black culture.

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“Type shi” has many different meanings, but its most common use is in agreement.

One reason people love saying “type shi” so much is because it can really mean anything. But its most common use seems to be akin to millennials saying “word” when agreeing with someone. It’s important to note that “shi” in this case is shorthand for s--t, the commonly used curse word. So when spoken, people say the entire word, but when typed, people either write “type shi” or “type shii” to avoid comments getting blocked or removed from social media platforms.

According to Urban Dictionary, “type shi” means “to agree with your peers,” to “agree with somebody,” or “when someone says something really relatable.” So that’s easily the most common use of the phrase, but what are some other uses?

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TikTokers love saying “type shi” because it can really mean anything and apply to any situation.

According to TikToker @imisraell, it’s his favorite “slang word/phrase that Black people use.” While sharing three of his favorite ones, he explained, “Each one is so versatile, like it can mean 10 different things. Number one is ‘type shii.’”

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"This might be my favorite one because there’s no situation where ‘type shi’ can’t be used," he went on. "It can be used to show somebody you’re listening … It can be used when somebody’s lying … It can mean you don’t know the exact thing but it’s like that area or field, you know that type of s--t.”

Another TikToker, @mattfindz, shared, “‘Type shi’ can mean a lot of different things. It can mean ‘yeah,’ ‘no,’ ‘I agree,’ ‘I don’t care,’” and more.

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He demonstrated that the meaning is all about the emphasis and delivery. If using it to say “I don’t care,” one would say “type shi” with a little eye roll or head shake. If using it to say “I agree,” one would give a little head nod. “It’s a universal thing,” he added, “You say it to anything and it just makes sense. You could say any single sentence and reply with ‘type shi.’”

However, while some people seem to love using the “universal” phrase, others just don’t get it. People in Matt’s comments wrote, “This is one slang I’ll never understand,” and “How does that even make sense?” Even with an explanation, there’s no way to explain what “type shi” truly means — it means everything and nothing. But if you don’t get it, type shi.

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