What Does "Unt Unt" Mean on TikTok? Gen Z Slang Finally Explained

Alex West - Author

Dec. 8 2023, Published 5:24 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • The Gen Z/Gen Alpha term "Unt unt" means "no," but with some attitude.
  • Gen Alpha has plenty of specific slang words; growing up with the internet played a heavy influence in their slang.
  • Below, we take a look at several other slang phrases you might find on TikTok as well.
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Gen Z and Gen Alpha slang strikes again! "Unt unt" is the latest phrase to keep up with. Online and in person, young people are incorporating it into their speech.

As for its meaning, even those within the generation aren't quite sure. So, now people "in on the secret" are informing each other on social media ... talk about effective communication skills.

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Generation Alpha girl with green hair
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What does "unt unt" mean?

TikTok user @luhwadeslatt3.0 made a video specifically addressing girls and asking them what the slang meant. So, right away we know this new phrase must be something popular among girls.

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The comments were quick to jump and explain the term for him. "It’s like saying no but with a luh attitude to it," one girl explained, using the word "luh" to mean little.

Another one explained that it's similar to saying "uh uh" when saying "no," but it just has a little added flair. Yet another chimed in writing, "Faa me, it means I got a attitude."

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What does "serving" mean?

Another major slang word online is saying that someone is "serving." The term is especially used on stan Twitter when referring to someone's favorite celebrity. For example, they'll say, "Taylor Swift served in her Person of the Year cover."

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Oftentimes, when a picture of a celebrity comes out that they look particularly good in, they would be "serving." However, someone can also be serving something specific like a certain aesthetic or energy.

A person can be "serving" good or bad, but most of the time it means a good thing. It's very similar to how someone can be "giving" a particular energy. For example, "Your slang is giving millennial."

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What does "erm" mean?

If you hear someone say "um," it's likely that they're thinking about something or throwing in a filler word. However, most of the time, "erm" (which is actually the British spelling of "um") is far more deliberate.

Today, if you say "erm," it likely means a more exaggerated "um" or it's a sound of total judgment. When asking someone a question, a hesitant "erm" reply can mean you just stepped over the line into something taboo.

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What is a "glow up"?

If someone is having a "glow-up," or just "glows up," it means that they're getting better in some way. Most of the time, this is used about physical appearance as evidenced by some side-by-side pictures.

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However, people can "glow up" in a lot of ways. Coming out of a terrible relationship and entering a single era can totally be seen as a "glow-up." Dating someone better than your ex also means you had a "glow-up."

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What does "L+ratio" mean?

While the phrase is typically used online, where it even makes more sense, "L+ratio" is often used by very online Gen Z individuals. "L" refers to loss, as in the person you're talking to is taking some sort of loss in the conversation.

The "ratio" bit refers to getting more interactions on your post than the person you're replying to. By "ratioing" someone, it shows that more people are taking your side in the argument.

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