If Someone Calls You a W, Followed by an Anchor Emoji, Put Those Hands Up

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Nov. 27 2021, Published 2:30 p.m. ET

Faux ship anchor
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Although humanity has more ways to communicate than ever before, it feels like we get caught up in the technical aspect of communicating rather than effectively trying to convey honest emotions and thoughts that'll help us express ourselves into living better lives.

For example, the shorthand methods of text communication that leaves people scratching their head. Like, what does a "W" and an anchor emoji mean?

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What does an anchor followed by a "W" mean?

It's a case of onomatopoeia and textual trickery. You've probably seen the letter "w" followed by an anchor emoji and wondered just what that person is trying to say.

Well sound it out yourself, w + the sound of word "anchor" translates to "wanchor."

Or the actual spelling of the word: wanker.

what does w and anchor mean
Source: Twitter | @The_DogWalker
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Even if you aren't a Brit, then you've probably heard the word "wanker" tossed around on various TV shows and movies and means exactly what it sounds like, someone who "wanks" about. "Wanking" is a slang term for stroking it, going solo, taking a pony ride without a horse, glistening the giblets, mic-checking the skin harmonica, or, you know, masturbation.

But to call someone a wanker doesn't necessarily mean they're an individual who indulges in self-gratification excessively, but rather a person who is a bit of a moron.

Of course, there are other ways of using w and "anchor." Like this woman who regrets not "trapping some Icelander w an anchor baby."

In her defense, this is an extremely brilliant advertisement she's replying to.

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For the most part, however, it appears that people are using it was a pejorative term. Whether it's insulting politicians who implement policies you're not really a fan of, using it as part of your profile name as you vocalize your dislike of Piers Morgan's behavior...

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Source: Twitter | @sharron_honey
Source: Twitter | @Wkhnage
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...or calling out folks who chase women through the street at night and accuse them of racism, there's tons of wanker-esque behavior that's being called out on social media.

Source: Twitter | @TerfyMcTerfy
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Source: Twitter | @TerfyMcTerfy

The Focus also pointed out that the W'Anchor is shorthand for a canyoneering item called the Water Anchor. And if you're wondering what that particular outdoor item is, just think of James Franco from 127 Hours.

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w anchor
Source: One Rope Canyoneering

It seems like whoever made the product wants to make sure that its intended userbase knows the risks associated with canyoneering and how to properly use the item. Here's a little snippet from its web page: "Do not use this system unless you understand and assume all liability regarding its use. Injury, Death, and Damage can occur by use of this product."

While canyoneering seems pretty cool, I think all of my w+anchor activities will probably be restricted to reading a bunch of tweets from folks complaining about Boris Johnson on the internet.

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