Five Finger Death Punch Cancels Show After Jason Hook Suffers Medical Emergency

Popular band Five Finger Death Punch had an emergency cancellation of a performance due to an issue with Jason Hook. What happened to him?

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Dec. 13 2019, Updated 2:59 p.m. ET

Five Finger Death Punch had to cancel a show in Duluth, Minn. after the band's guitarist, Jason Hook had to be rushed to the hospital due to a "medical emergency." 

The band posted on its social media pages that their Dec. 12 show will be postponed until a later date. As of now, however, there aren't any updates on his medical condition and the act is asking fans to regularly check their website for further developments.

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What happened to Jason Hook?

As of now, FFDP's Dec. 14 and 15 shows are currently still slated to go on, but it's difficult to say whether or not that will happen because no one knows the severity of Jason Hook's condition. Could it be substance abuse?

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Jason Hook hasn't really had a history with drugs or alcohol abuse in the past and in fact has been very vocal about not only a healthy lifestyle for himself, but for his band members as well. When the band's original bassist, Matt Snell, was replaced by Chris Kael, one of the requirements, Jason had said, was that their newest band member just couldn't be a "drug addict."

"The main requirement for a new member was a good musical ability, a good vocal ability and then beyond that, it was like, we hope we find someone who’s healthy, as far as mentally healthy. Someone who’s not a drug addict, not an alcoholic, not an angry person, you know what I mean?" Jason told The Aquarian back in 2011.

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Ultimate Guitar also spoke with Jason and heard his thoughts about why lots of musicians fall into alcoholism, and while Jason says he himself doesn't know what that feeling is like, he offered up a pretty compelling argument as to why so many people go down that path and why human beings are ultimately very "easy to figure out."

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"I have my theories why people slip into that behavior. I'm not sure if it's my place to say. Alcohol is hiding. That's it. Alcohol is supposed to give you the feeling that you can't get sober. You're hiding from something. That's really speaking in concepts. Alcohol is used to step out of something that isn't comfortable and douse yourself in a layer of liquid comfort."

"So when you see people that turn to booze most of the time it's because something inside them doesn't allow them to feel comfortable and they're hiding or are trying to get away from the discomfort. Human beings are really f--king easy to figure out. They gravitate towards pleasure and they run hard and fast from pain. That's it! It's one or the other."

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"So when I see somebody who's involved in destructive behavior, it has to do with them trying to escape from pain." 

Based on Jason's attitude towards drug and alcohol abuse, it doesn't sound like his medical emergency has anything to do with that.

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Five Finger Death Punch often gets criticized in the metal community for not being the greatest of bands. They can barely post anything online without getting crap from tons of people who share memes like these, and they aren't light-hearted ones either. Some have called the band "Creed for Alcoholic Dads" while others have shared countless "Monster Energy Drink" memes.

The band's latest album, F8, was released on Feb. 28, 2019 and they've been incorporating a lot of the new songs during this tour. We'll see if they'll be able to continue the trend or get a roadie to take over Jason's guitar work. 

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