Fans Are Concerned About TikTok Influencer Beasteater's Face — What Happened?

Beasteater's mishap sheds light on the importance of checking product expiration dates and seeking medical attention promptly.


Mar. 25 2024, Published 11:01 a.m. ET

Although there are a few prominent influencers who don't show their faces at all, most influencers get by filming themselves talking about their lives or whatever else they might be known for talking about. That means that, when something happens to a prominent influencer's face, it's pretty easy for their fans to notice.

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That was recently the case with TikTok influencer Beasteater (whose real name is Stephanie Margarucci), who appeared on camera in late March with dark marks on her face and evident skin peeling. Now, many want to know what happened to her face, and whether she has explained it anywhere.

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What happened to Beasteater's face?

In a TikTok video posted on March 24, 2024, Beasteater jokingly explained that she had harmed her face by jumping into a vat of acid. She explained that she was in a chemical plant with a man she loved, and the man said that if he really loved her, she would jump in the acid. She said that she did, and then he followed her, essentially describing the origin story for the Joker and Harley Quinn.

What really happened, though, was a combination of a chemical burn and a bacterial infection. Beasteater used an expired product on her face, and that caused a chemical burn. She used a steamer following the initial reaction, which caused an infection that spread into her bloodstream and almost killed her. On top of that, Beasteater said she didn't go to the ER when she should have and instead just went to urgent care.

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It isn't clear exactly what skincare product Beasteater used, but it expired all the way back in 2020, which is why she had such a severe reaction, and her attempts to solve the problem only made things worse.

Thankfully, it seems like the damage will eventually heal, and Beasteater hasn't been shy about showing it off to her followers. Hopefully, this will be a lesson to Beasteater and her followers about the dangers of using strong expired products.

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Beasteater seems to be taking the challenge in stride.

Although these kind of burns can obviously be both physically and emotionally scarring, Beasteater's Joker parody video seems to suggest that she's able to make at least some small jokes about what happened.

Fans in her comments have also been supportive, saying that they were sorry about what happened, and even offering some tips about their own past experiences dealing with a chemical burn.

"I feel so bad for you! I hope you have a fast recovery and no scarring," one person wrote in the comments.

"Virtually sending you love because lord have mercy I can feel your pain. Please let us know what product did this to you. You’re so gorgeous don’t let NO ONE tell you different," another person added.

It may take a while for her to recover, but Beasteater seems like she's going to keep posting. In the meantime, she's convinced many fans to throw all their expired products out.

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