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Source: ABC

Chris Smith's Killer Impersonated Him for Months Via Emails


When Chris Smith's family received word that the businessman was planning on taking time off to unplug and explore the world in 2010, they weren't completely surprised. They knew the then 31 year old was a free spirit who understood the value of connecting with nature. Over a period of six months, Smith's family received countless correspondences from him through email. What would later surprise them was learning that they weren't talking to Smith, they were talking to his killer.

As the mystery of Smith's sabbatical from work deepened, it soon became clear that there was something more sinister at play.

 What happened to Chris Smith? His brutal murder and how his killer impersonated him for months will  be covered on the Jan. 24 episode of ABC's 20/20 entitled "Cutthroat Inc." Viewers will hear from Smith's family and the killer in this jaw dropping episode.