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Source: MTV

Kenneka Jenkins's Tragic Death Is Chronicled in the First Episode of MTV's 'True Life Crime'


In recent years, true crime has blown up as one of the most widely talked about TV genres, so it was only natural for MTV to want a piece of it too. But the general hope among true crime fans and amateur internet sleuths is often that, by doing so, more evidence and answers can come from these kinds of new investigations. And the first episode of MTV’s newest docuseries True Life Crime tells the tragic story of Kenneka Jenkins's death

In 2017, 19-year-old Kenneka was found frozen to death in a hotel freezer in Chicago and although her death was ruled an accident due to hypothermia and alcohol and an anti-seizure medication found in her system, there are still theories about what happened to Kenneka. There haven’t been any other answers or solutions, but that hasn't stopped people from intensely examining surveillance footage and everything else related to the night Kenneka went missing.