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Source: Oxygen

Oxygen's 'An Unexpected Killer' Has Fans Stressed Out Over Who Killed Robert and Kathryn Swartz


It's a good time in television to be a fan of true crime series. Netflix seems to be leading the charge with their excellent Ted Bundy documentary, Making a Murderer, and The People vs OJ Simpson; the list goes on and on. But they're not the only player in the game leading the true crime charge, Oxygen's doing some compelling work with An Unexpected Killer. One of the cases they tackle is the murder of Robert and Kathryn Swartz.

Who killed Robert and Kathryn Swartz? 

Oxygen's new series highlights cases where murderers ended up being the last person investigators would ever expect and in the case of the Swartzes, it was an incredibly tragic circumstance.

The murders were also the subject of the top-selling book, A Sudden Fury, which detailed the events that led up to the Kathryn Swartz being struck by a wood splitting maul and Robert  Swartz sustaining 17 stab wounds from a steak knife.