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Source: Hulu

Did Dee Dee Blanchard Kill Her Own Mother? Here's What 'The Act' Gets Right (And Wrong)


Spoiler alert! This post contains spoilers from the latest episode of The Act. 

In Episode 6 of The Act, we're introduced to Dee Dee Blanchard's mother, Emma Pitre (played by Margo Martindale). Emma is incredibly overbearing, constantly hovering over Dee Dee (Patricia Arquette), belittling her, and doing everything in her power to prove that Dee Dee isn't a good mother to Gypsy

In the hospital, right after Dee Dee gives birth, Emma grabs newborn Gypsy from her even though Dee Dee wants to bathe her for the first time. "No, no, no. That's much later," Emma says to her pleading daughter. Later, Emma tells Dee Dee that she purposely let the police arrest her because she knew that Gypsy Rose was better off without her as a mother.