The *REAL* Reason You Won't See Internet-Famous OGBYN Dr. Keith for a While

Dr. Keith, the internet's favorite OBGYN, is taking a hiatus from social media. His wife gave an update on what happened and why he's disappeared!

Pretty Honore - Author

Jun. 13 2023, Published 1:11 p.m. ET

Among the hundreds of thousands of influencers on social media, there are a few who stand out. Let’s take Dr. Keith, for example. The internet-famous physician rose to fame by sharing informative videos about all things ovaries.

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From parenting tips for first-time moms to spreading awareness about postpartum depression, he’s been crowned TikTok’s favorite OBGYN. But those who look forward to getting a daily dose of the internet-famous doctor will be disappointed to learn that he’s taking a break from the platform. Now, we’re all wondering what happened to Dr. Keith and why has he disappeared on TikTok.

In June 2023, his wife gave followers an unfortunate update …

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What happened to Dr. Keith? His wife gave followers an update on his disappearance.

As of this writing, the truth about what led to Dr. Keith’s hiatus remains unknown, however, his wife — Jordanna (@busymomofmany) — did offer fans an update on why he’s taking a break from the platform in a now-viral video.

“I just wanted to update my platform, you’re not gonna see Dr. Keith for a little while,” she told her 140,000+ followers. While she didn’t the disclose details of Dr. Keith’s disappearance, Jordanna encouraged viewers to send good vibes in the meantime.

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“I can’t go into details about it, but what I really could use, what we really could use, is positivity,” the TikToker continued. “So if Dr. Keith and his videos have positively impacted you, share how below. If Dr. Keith helped rescue your kitten from a tree, share below.”

Additionally, she gave TikTok users a “friendly reminder” to be kind. Despite Dr. Keith’s internet fame, Jordanna wants us all to remember that he’s a “real human being.”

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“What you see on this app are just little snippets of their life, but they have livelihoods outside of this app. You may feel like you know creators through their 15-second segments, but you don’t. They’re real people and they can get really hurt,” Jordanna concluded the video.

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Because Jordanna and Dr. Keith have been tight-lipped since their announcement, there’s no way to tell when or why they’re leaving the platform. In the caption, Jordanna informed followers their videos will be “will be strictly educational” when they do decide to come back to social media.

Since Dr. Keith’s wife revealed that the duo is taking a break from TikTok, followers have flocked to the comment section to show their support. “Dr. Keith changed my opinion on male OBGYNs,” Camilla Haburne said in a comment with more than 1,000 likes.

“He has been so educational and I adore the passion he has for who he supports.”

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But we think user @leeannkd said it best when they wrote: “How dare someone hurt Dr. Keith! We ride at dawn!”

We at Distractify are sending Jordanna and Keith our best wishes!

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