So, How Exactly Did [Spoiler] Survive Her Death on 'Snowpiercer'?

Need a refresher on what happened to Josie in Season 1 of 'Snowpiercer'? Here's how Josie "died" and how she made it out alive in Season 2.

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Feb. 2 2021, Published 11:44 p.m. ET

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Season 2 of Snowpiercer (which premiered January 25) recently did something pretty major: It brought Josie Wellstead back from the dead. Currently, Snowpiercer is facing the possibility of a new war over the train, and this has everything to do with Mr. Wilford and his influence on Andre Layton. But let's rewind a little bit. If you need a refresher on what exactly happened to Josie, read on.

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What happened to Josie on 'Snowpiercer'?

Josie and Melanie get into an intense brawl, and Melanie leaves Josie to freeze to death. Before all that happens though: Josie was part of the Tail section. In Season 1, she and Andre started a relationship after his wife, Zarah, left the Tail and started living her life in Third Class. After Andre becomes Train Detective, Wellstead starts the Tail Section's revolution. Josie cons her way into a position in Third Class and plays spy for the Tail. 

Source: TNT
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But then Melanie picks Miles (Andre's son) as an engineer, and Josie decides to make him a double agent. Zarah eventually figures out what's happening and calls attention to the fact that Josie is a spy for the Tail. Josie gets arrested and then interrogated by Melanie. The two get into it, and Melanie tortures Josie by freezing her finger with a hose with air from outside. The two start to fight each other, which causes the pipe from outside to rupture, and it fills the room with freezing cold air.

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Melanie flees but leaves behind Josie, who we think freezes to death. Psyche! 

How did Josie live?

Apparently, Josie somehow snuck back into the train, into the Second Class cabin and Dr. Pelton is treating her wounds. Josie is in such bad shape, that she's completely wrapped in bandages. She almost dies a second time when Zarah tries to poison her IV drip (she couldn't make herself do it, though). Zarah told Andre that Josie survived and he of course rushed to go visit her, which stung Zarah.

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Andre and Josie are reunited, as Josie wakes up to the sound of his voice. But with Zarah pregnant with Andre's baby, Zarah knows keeping Josie alive will only be trouble. 

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Some Snowpiercer fans are confused as to why she was brought back. "i liked her but there was no need to bring Josie back," someone wrote.

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"Honestly why couldn’t they just keep josie dead?" another shared on Twitter. And in real life there would be no actual way Josie would survive that, but we just have to suspend our disbelief for a bit.

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Others feel for Josie. After all, she just went through some intense trauma! "Not Zarah trying to kill Josie too. Girl can't catch a break," one fan wrote.

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"JOSIE!?!?! OH MY GOSH!!! MY GIRL!! ZARAH GET AWAY FROM HER NOW!!" one fan freaked out. But not to worry, it doesn't look like Zarah has it in her to kill Josie.

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