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'Snowpiercer': Here's Why the Train Can't Stop Moving in Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Drama



The new TNT series Snowpiercer follows the last remaining remnants of life, which are living aboard a high-speed train that travels around the world. With the world an arctic tundra, the human race is currently residing on the train, but depending on your social class, you're either living the life of luxury or housed in impoverished living conditions. 

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The show is based on Bong Joon Ho's 2013 film of the same name and depicts the lives of the passengers from first class, the back of the train, also known as "tailies," and everywhere in between.

When the rigid order maintained on Snowpiercer is threatened by a dead body, tailie Layton (Daveed Diggs), who also happens to be a former detective, is asked to investigate and promised that if solved, he will be bumped to third class. 

Source: TNT
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While viewers will continue to watch the complex storylines unfold throughout the series, some are wondering why the massive train is forced to keep moving. Well, the answer is pretty simple. 

Why does Snowpiercer have to keep moving?

The train must never stop moving. Snowpiercer continues to circumnavigate the globe, moving across the globe at high speeds while the rest of the world is covered in ice. So, why can the train never cease? 

Well, Snowpiercer is forced to keep moving for electricity and warmth. With the world completely frozen and the last remnants of life aboard the train, electricity and heat are a must as all life would die in the new ice world without it. 

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Source: TNT

Annalise Basso teases her "unstable" character LJ.

Being a first-class passenger aboard Snowpiercer, you have everything you need ... and then some. You live in spacious quarters, eat three glorious meals per day, have an abundance of necessities, and want for nothing. Distractify spoke with the star of the TNT series Annalise Basso about her character LJ Folger.

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As a first-class passenger and teen on Snowpiercer, LJ is looking to create "chaos," Annalise told us. "She’s angry and sad and I guess the only good times she has on the train is when she’s creating chaos."

The actress continued to tease what's ahead for this sci-fi drama, explaining to Distractify:  "The environment on Snowpiercer is very contained so the slightest little incident can have a disastrous explosive effect." 

Source: TNT
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She continued: "So LJ … she creates a pretty big incident. The whole train is rocked by it. What I would tell fans to expect is expect the unexpected. LJ is really unpredictable."   

As Season 2 has already been greenlit by the network, Annalise revealed what fans can expect at the conclusion of the first installment.

"To have this thing happen at the end of the season, it’s like oh my gosh, now you get to explore a whole new world," the 21-year-old said. "I think people will be as excited about the second season as they are about the end of the first." 

Watch new episodes of Snowpiercer on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on TNT.

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