Influencer Naz Norris and the Rest of the "Norris Nuts" Children Got Sick in the Beginning of 2024

Naz Norris of the Norris Nuts was rushed to the hospital in late January 2024. We break down what happened.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

May 13 2024, Published 11:44 a.m. ET

The only thing bigger than an influencer on YouTube is an influencer family on YouTube. Few know that better than the Norris family, better known by fans as the Norris Nuts. Composed of mom Brooke, dad Justin, and their six young children, this loving family posts wholesome and fun family content to over 7 million subscribers on YouTube and nearly 4 million followers on TikTok. Though they post plenty of family shenanigans, group challenges, and fun vlogs, they aren't afraid to share health updates either.

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As a family, the Norris Nuts share a lot about what's going on in their lives, with the parents often providing deep dives into how they like to spend time with their large family. Some of that includes the family dealing with sickness, as most families tend to do. Of course, that can get pretty hectic when you have to deal with up to six ailing children. It becomes even worse if one of them lands in the hospital. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to Naz Norris in early 2024. Here's what happened.

Naz Norris was hospitalized in January 2024
Source: The Norris Nuts

Naz Norris was hospitalized in January 2024

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What happened to Naz Norris? She was "rushed" to the hospital in late January 2024.

Naz is one of the eldest daughters of the Norris Nuts, having been born in 2010. In recent Norris family events, she celebrated her 13th birthday in December 2023. The whole family even flew overseas at the time to celebrate the occasion. While they could be seen having a fun time with each other, they kicked off the year with a bit of a family crisis.

Shortly following their vacation, the Norris Nuts posted a couple of videos in which the family, particularly Naz, came down with a nasty bug. In the video, "MY 6 KIDS ALL GOT SICK...," Brooke and Justin were seen caring for their kids after they all came down with coughs and sniffles. Many of them were subject to bed rest and cough medicine as they each rode out the illness together. As for Naz, she eventually even had to be rushed to the hospital after complaining about shortness of breath.

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The video "WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO GET RUSHED TO HOSPITAL" chronicles Naz's entire hospital stay. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and had to remain in observation for a while. She was placed on oxygen tanks while her breathing recovered and received several well wishes from her family still at home, who were all at varying degrees of sickness.

Thankfully, Naz eventually got the all-clear to return home. She was removed from the oxygen masks and returned to a surprising and loving welcome from her family.

Since then, the entire family seems to have recovered. Following Naz's hospital stay, the family's subsequent posts have shown them as active and lively as they usually are.

It should surprise no one that when sickness strikes one member of a large family, it could spread to the rest of their loved ones. While the Norris Nuts dealt with plenty of that medical drama at the beginning of 2024, they seem to be in better spirits now.

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