The Turtleman, the Breakout Star of 'Call of the Wildman,' Was in an Accident

Leila Kozma - Author

Mar. 16 2022, Published 10:13 a.m. ET

A horrific accident left The Turtleman (aka Ernie Brown, Jr.) with a broken bone and a sore chest.

As the star of Call of the Wildman shared on a Facebook Live shot in the hospital on Tuesday, March 15., 2022, he injured himself while cutting down a tree limb. He explained that he broke his arm and has been experiencing chest pains since the dangerous slip-up.

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According to a new rumor, the Turtleman may have also suffered a heart attack. The star hasn't said anything to that effect, however. What happened? Will the Turtleman be OK?

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What happened to the Turtleman? He suffered a horrific injury.

"I got one broken bone, and that's in my arm. You can see my shoulder there. I'm hurting in my chest," The Turtleman explained in a Facebook Live. "I got hit by a tree limb about as big as my leg. I was cutting a tree. The tree fell perfect. And all of a sudden, bam! It hit me across the neck and shoulders."

"I broke that limb in two, I'll tell you that right now. Knocked me out for two minutes, but I got that limb. I don't know who won. I think it was a draw," he said. "It was one of my hardest hits — again. Except for the bull. This is the top one now, it beat the bull. It beat the car wreck and my chainsaw cut."

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The Turtleman has been put on painkillers. He also had X-rays. Further details about the accident are hard to come by at present. It's uncertain when the Turtleman will be released from the hospital or which hospital he's been admitted to.

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The Turtleman's accident sparked a new wave of heart attack rumors.

In the Facebook Live video, the Turtleman expresses his gratitude for Turtlefans, saying, "I just want to thank everybody. I love you all Turtlefans with all my heart. I hope you all love me as much as I love you all. Just please keep praying for me, please."

A new wave of rumors claiming the Turtleman may have suffered a fatal heart attack started gaining traction around the same time. Speculation and rumors about the Turtleman's passing seem to have emerged a few times over the years on social media, but any reports of his death are not true.

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The Turtleman shot to fame with his role on 'Call of the Wildman.'

Call of the Wildman premiered on Animal Planet in the fall of 2011. Starring The Turtleman, Neal James, and others, the reality TV show offers a raw portrayal of Turtleman's life and unusual exploits in his home city of Lebanon, Ky.

Call of the Wildman was canceled after just three seasons in the fall of 2014. A special, Call of the Wildman: The Beast of Special, aired on Animal Planet in 2012.

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