Mitch Helps Paola With Her Filmmaking Career Before the [SPOILER] in 'The Morning Show'

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Nov. 3 2021, Published 9:27 a.m. ET

The Morning Show
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Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for those who aren't caught up with The Morning Show.

It's always disheartening whenever your favorite character in a TV show or series is suddenly written off. There are a ton of different ways that showrunners and writing teams accomplish this. Sometimes the character gets a job in another country. Other times, they have a big falling out with another character and need to "take a break" in order to suss out their feelings. And other times, they're killed off, which is what happens with Mitch in The Morning Show.

However, before he passes, what happens to Mitch and Paola?

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What happens to Mitch and Paola in 'The Morning Show'?

The Morning Show begins with Mitch Kessler (Steve Carrell), one of the stars of the series within the series, being publicly disgraced after a massive scandal.

The Morning Show
Source: Apple TV Plus
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Some have taken issue with the "redemption" angle of Mitch's character in the show. But it can be argued that because the man essentially chooses to allow himself to die in a horrific fashion, he wasn't redeemed in any way, shape, or form.

After Mitch's exit from the show (within the show), he ends up hiding out in an Italian villa, away from prying eyes. During his time there, he ends up meeting Paola, a filmmaker he befriends and helps as a professional mentor; he assists her with a documentary she's filming.

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The two inevitably become close, and they sleep with one another. Mitch, in the dead of night decides to go out driving for some cigarettes.

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As he drives on the winding Italian road, all of his past mistakes, his former treatment of others, the ugly parts of human nature that he indulged surface in his mind, so Mitch takes advantage of an "opportunity."

A truck heads in his direction and he swerves out of the way to avoid an accident. He ends up driving off the road and on a swerving adjacent pathway. However, instead of turning his car back in the direction of the main road, Mitch instead lets his hands off the steering wheel and allows the car to drive by itself.

The vehicle ultimately tumbles off of a cliff with Mitch inside of it, killing one of the show's leads.

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What will happen with Paola after Mitch's death on 'The Morning Show'?

It's difficult to imagine she won't be in at least a portion of Season 3 after such a shocking end. Alex was a good friend of Mitch's and will probably want to question Paola about what happened prior to his death because she is the last person who saw Mitch alive.

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You can watch The Morning Show on Apple TV Plus. Season 3 hasn't been officially announced as of yet, however, many believe Apple TV Plus will certainly greenlight more episodes for the show.

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