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Source: Getty Images

What Is IHOP's New Spooky Menu? It's Based on Your Favorite Creepy, Kooky Family


Well guys, it's the first day of fall, and that officially means it's spooky season. And although Halloween itself isn't for another month or so, fans of the fall holiday are already kicking things off by setting up decorations, finding haunted houses, and — most importantly — eating everything off of IHOP's new spooky menu, for example.

So, if you aren't already familiar with IHOP's new spooky menu, prepare yourself for a creepy, kooky meal.

Since Sept. 16, early morning breakfast enthusiasts and Halloween fanatics have been taking advantage of the glorious holiday menu at IHOP, which is the limited-time "Spooky Menu." 

According to the press release, it's inspired by none other than The Addams Family (because of the upcoming MGM film!), and it includes seriously haunting items that no Halloween-lovin' mortal would dare pass up. So if you can handle the kookiness, definitely check out what it has to offer.