The Human Emotion Quiz on TikTok Is Going Viral Because People Think It's Right


Jun. 20 2022, Published 10:05 a.m. ET

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All social media sites have certain trends that pop up regularly, and one of the trends that most regularly shows up on TikTok is a quiz that tells users something about themselves. Everything from the negative parent test to a wide variety of personality quizzes have been popular on the platform in the past, and now, users on TikTok are obsessed with a quiz called the Human Emotion Quiz.

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What is the Human Emotion Quiz on TikTok?

The Human Emotion Quiz asks those who take it to identify what kind of human feeling they are, and some have been disturbed by the accuracy of their results. The quiz is available to take on a website called uQuiz, but unlike many of the other popular quizzes that have trended on TikTok, all the questions on this particular quiz are in Russian.

Source: Getty Images
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Here's how you can translate the quiz into English.

If you don't speak Russian but want to take the quiz, you'll like to have to use the translation service that's available in your web browser. If you use Google Chrome, a pop-up will appear in the upper right corner of your page asking you if you want to translate the page to English. Once you click yes, the page will translate. On Safari, the translation tool is a button at the end of your web address bar.

Once the page has been translated, you'll find that the quiz contains a total of 11 questions. Once you've finished the questions, you'll receive an answer.

It's unclear how many different human feelings exist in the quiz as possible results, and people have been sharing the process of taking the quiz and getting their results on TikTok.

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What are the possible answers to the quiz?

Although it's unclear exactly how many possible answers exist, users have gotten results including true love, anxiety, sincere love, humility, anger, despondency, and tranquility. Most users seem to get these more generic emotions, but some have also reported feeling more specific emotions like "Lying in a meadow on a sunny day" or The realization that you can feel yourself changing."

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The questions in the quiz don't seem to have anything to do with human feelings, but the results have been so accurate for some users that they feel alarmed by them. Clearly the questions get at something real, or this particular quiz is just very good at offering fairly general answers that feel specific to the people who receive them.

Even as the trend may seem like light fun to some, it's worth remembering that quizzes like these are also an effective way for malicious actors to collect tons of data about people online. The fact that the quiz is in Russian should give users pause. The information you provide in the quiz may not seem all that revealing at the moment, but there may be a way for bad actors to harness it in order to cause you or the U.S. more generally major problems.

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