Woman Gets Wheel of Fortune Answers Beforehand, Uses Them in Long-Term Prank on Mom

'you keep playing and momma gonna throw hands'

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Mar. 26 2024, Published 9:33 a.m. ET

Woman Tricks Mom Wheel of Fortune

It's kind of hard to think that the Dalai Lama would know anything about what it's like to connect with other human beings — he's perceived as almost a god-like figure who is always preaching the virtues of peace and holiness, while also having a net worth of $150 million.

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But it turns out that even a 150-times multi-millionaire god among men has good taste in movies, or at least spiritual leaders in the religion that he's the poster child of do: Groundhog Day is looked upon favorably by figures in leading religions due to the themes it tackles.

Before Bill Murray's character learns to embrace humanity and give to others and ultimately stop being such a grouch after constantly being reincarnated until he betters himself as a human being, he goes through a lot of emotional ups and downs, including a scene where he, depressingly, watches the same episode of Jeopardy! with folks from the town he's condemned to live the same day in, over and over again, until he mends his ways.

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As a result, he knows every single answer to the questions on the show, resulting in some bewildered and awe-struck answers from the other folks he's watching the program with.

That's what this woman has been doing with her mom, except when they watch Wheel of Fortune.

Source: TikTok } @yubby5516
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A TikToker who goes by PMT (@yubby5516) recorded her and her mom watching the TV series together. A text overlay in the video reads: "My brother sends me the Wheel of Fortune answers in advance and I shock my mom EVERY TIME," she writes in the video's on-screen caption.

"Around the world in 80 days," she can be heard saying as the tiles on the program are tapped by the host's assistant. She pans the camera back to her mom, who stares her down incredulously, stunned she was able to come up with the answer so quickly.

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Unlike Murray's character in the 1993 film, there's no mystical life-lesson experience occurring between her and her brother that allows them to see the answers beforehand.

The key to their con? It's simple: even if they're watching the episode live, PMT and her brother could just live in different time zones, and Wheel of Fortune airs at the same time in these zones, affording them the ability to pull off this con, which she's recorded and uploaded to TikTok on several occasions.

Either that or it's pre-recorded on a delay and her brother is texting her the answers in real time.

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Like in this one PMT writes that nearly made her mother "jump" off of her couch upon seeing her daughter was able to solve it: "mismatched underwear," she says, recording for a minute with minimal cutting/editing until the word puzzle is ultimately solved.

Her mom shoots her a look, curious as to why her daughter would front-load her guess with such a weird solution to the puzzle: "I'm making it up I don't know," she tells her mom.

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In another portion of the clip, as the puzzle progresses, the TikToker calls out a new suggestion, "Designer Dinnerware." She hits in, and her mom shoots her the same look.

Later on in the same video, the daughter asks her mom which letter she thinks the wheel is going to land on after a spin: "G!" PMT shouts, and sure enough, the wheel lands on that corresponding letter.

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TikTokers who saw the clip were tickled pink by the long con, with some saying PMT's mom's death glare was a result of her being upset her daughter was constantly wrecking the experience for her: "She's tired of you ruining her wheel of Fortune," one wrote.

While someone else quipped: "You keep playing and momma gonna throw hands"

What do you think? Have you ever done anything like this in a low-stakes environment, i.e. seeing something beforehand and placing bets that a certain thing was going to happen, only to then have it occur so you could get a payout?

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