What Happened to Robin Spielbauer's Kids After Jeremy Was Arrested?

Where are Katie Phipps' and Robin Spielbauer's kids now? 'Dateline' viewers want to know what happened to Jeremy Spielbauer's kids after his arrest.

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Jun. 4 2021, Published 11:07 p.m. ET

Robin Spielbauer
Source: NBC

In 2015, Katie Phipps was released after spending more than a year in prison for the murder of her then-husband’s ex-wife, Robin Spielbauer. While Katie maintained that she was wrongfully convicted, the truth about Robin’s murder wasn’t uncovered until police arrested Jeremy Spielbauer. 

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After Robin’s death and Katie and Jeremy’s subsequent arrest, several children were caught in the middle of a traumatic legal battle, and those familiar with the case are eager to learn what happened to them after the dust settled. So, where are Katie Phipps’ kids now?

Where are Katie Phipps’ kids now?

Since her release from prison, Katie’s son and daughter have managed to stay out of the public eye. But in a 2015 interview with AGN TV, Katie shared that her conviction cost her more than her reputation — she also paid the price of losing her children. 

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Katie Phipps
Source: NBC

She explained, “There’s no refunds for lost time. I’ve lost my career, my car, my home, and my kids are 1,500 miles apart from each other.”

Katie continued, “I did tell my son when this was going on that we got two options: We can either crumble under the pressure of this or we can rise to a whole new level of epicness. And we chose to rise. He’s been a trooper, and that kid’s been through it.”

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During the interview, Katie also apologized to Robin’s family for the role she played in her murder, even if she didn’t pull the trigger herself. Robin shared, “What happened to Robin was unnecessary. It was cruel. I don’t know what kind of pain [her family has] been through and I don’t want to know what kind of pain they’ve been through. If it was anything like mine, it was unbearable.”

“Now they’re confused once again and they’re starting all over. I’m sorry for what happened to them. I don’t want to know what it feels like to lose a child. I have a daughter; I don’t want to know that pain,” Katie added. 

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Robin Jaiden and Harley Spielbauer
Source: NBC

Since then, it was reported that Katie had graduated from West Texas A&M with a degree in legal studies and even became a paralegal. But she said that life hasn’t been the same since Robin’s tragic murder.

In death, Robin Spielbauer is survived by two children — Jaiden and Harley Spielbauer — but where are they now?

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Where are Robin Spielbauer’s kids now?

It was said that Robin Spielbauer was working multiple jobs to provide the best life for her two daughters, and after her death, her community tried its hardest to pick up where she left off. After Jeremy Spielbauer was arrested, friends of the family organized a bike run and music festival for Robin’s daughters to help fund their education. 

While Jaiden and Harley have also managed to keep their lives under wraps, it was reported that they are now in the custody of their maternal grandparents.

You can learn more about Robin Spielbauer’s case on the June 4 episode of Dateline at 10 p.m. EST on NBC. 

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