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Source: TriStar Pictures

7 Surprising Movie Facts About the Original 'Jumanji' You Probably Didn't Know


Long after Alan Parrish (the late Robin Williams) waited in the jungle until another player rolled a five or eight, a more technologically advanced version of the then-board game Jumanji emerged ... in the form of an '80s video game. In 2017, a sequel to the beloved 1995 classic followed four teenagers who were sucked into the game aka the jungle and had to win the game to escape. Sound familiar?

On Dec. 13, our favorite cast of characters returns in Jumanji: The Next Level. In honor of the third installment of the fantasy franchise that spans generations, we're taking a look back at the original 1995 film. 

After Alan finally emerges from the jungles of Jumanji, 26 years later, he must finish the board game with the help of his childhood crush Sarah Whittle (Bonnie Hunt) and two kids, Judy and Peter Shepherd (Kirsten Dunst and Bradley Pierce). 

Learn where Jumanji was filmed, plus more fascinating facts about the 1995 movie.

Nearly 25 years later, audiences still can't get enough of the action-adventure cult classic. Check out some wild facts about filming the 1995 movie, such as where Jumanji was actually filmed and which actor was considered for the lead role ahead of Williams.

1. The original 'Jumanji' board game sold for more than $60,000

Source: TriStar Pictures

Apparently, the beating of the African drums was calling to one particular Jumanji fan. After almost 200 bids, the original game board from the film reportedly sold for $60,800 at an eBay auction.